Leftovers, Again
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Leftovers, Again

COVID-19 and the Classroom

“You can’t be pro-life and advocate kids going back to school in a pandemic.” Don Winslow, Twitter

  • wear a mask in public
  • keep a safe distance from each other
  • wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds
  1. Prevention. Masks, social distancing, and hand-washing are used to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. In areas where these rules of prevention have been followed diligently, positive case numbers have declined: in those areas where these rules have not been followed with diligence, case numbers have grown — now greater than in the Spring. Without the use of these prevention devices, COVID-19 infections will continue to rise.
  2. Testing. Testing has proven to be troublesome throughout the nation: while the efficacy of the tests has improved, the wait lines for both testing and test results are unacceptable. Wait lines in some areas are in the hours, while the turn-around time for test results is between 7–10 days.



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