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Leftovers, Again

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Donald Trump has had four years…

Donald Trump has had four years to present his ‘better healthcare plan,’ to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Yet he has never revealed one damned thing, never introduced one bill in Congress to address any part of health care.

Donald Trump has had four years to get Mexico to pay for a wall his followers profess love for, and cheer for. Yet Donald Trump has not received one damned dime from Mexico for his wall, and the only portion of that wall that has been built has been done with replacement fence and money taken from the military budget.

Donald Trump has had four years to destroy ISIS. He promised to destroy ISIS in his first 30 days, yet instead of destroying ISIS, Trump backed away, let ISIS escape, and turned on our allies, the Kurds.

Donald Trump has had four years to call China a currency manipulator. Instead, Trump buddied up to China, becoming ‘friends’ with their leader. Then Trump decided China was no longer his friend and started a tariff war. The trade deficit is now the largest it has been in fourteen years.

Donald Trump has had four years, and he has done none of the things he promised America in 2016. His lack of honesty means no one can trust him, even when he claims he had coronavirus. His lack of leadership led to a pandemic which has claimed well over 200,000 American lives. His racism has brought out divisive hatred, leading to Americans being killed in the streets, or threatened in their roles as Governor.

Donald Trump has had four years, and that is four years America can never get back. Four more years of Trump will destroy America-what’s left of it. The debt, the division, the deaths-it must end.

Donald Trump had had four years; his time is up, he must go. Now.

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