Leftovers, Again
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Leftovers, Again

The Three Little Repiglicans

A retelling of a classic tale

Meme created by author

Once upon a time, there were Three Little Repiglicans.

Each of these Three Little Repiglicans held sway over a bunch of morons, so when they said or did something, the morons who followed and loved them would listen, and do as they were told. Buuuut, it didn’t work out so well; in fact, it was more like the blind leading the blind.




I have been writing on Medium since 2017, but I didn’t know about online pubs then, so a lot of my early stuff never got published in an online publication — and no one saw them. I’m sure you have a lot of good stuff that needs to be shared too. Send it over, and I’ll publish it.

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