Legacy Code Episode 1 Behind the Scenes

Last Monday, I launched a podcast called Legacy Code. It’s a show about upgrading the industry — by making it more diverse.

I started with the fundamental question of “What is ‘diversity?’” featuring Nicole Sanchez, VP of Social Impact at Github.

Or, as I like to call her (stolen from her, actually), Nicole Sanchez, OG Tech Diversifier.

I thought it was important for us to start with “I mean, aren’t we all diverse at the end of the day?” because experiences have shown me that we needed a working definition of what people mean when we talk about the need for “diversity.” Without a clear understanding, we can’t possibly take our next step. It’s like trying to give someone directions when they don’t even know that they’re lost.

When you start to frame around access, rather than mindset, and look at who is underrepresented, solutions can start to look very different.

No one is better suited to start from the beginning with me than Nicole. She is an organizational culture and management professional with 20 years of experience. A self-described “people and culture geek,” Nicole spent several years at the Kapor Center for Social Impact where she served as Managing Partner.

We talk about her father from the recent piece she wrote here on Medium:

Follow Nicole Sanchez at @nmsanchez and enjoy the first episode!

Listen here, tweet here, and ask good questions at legacycodepodcast [at] gmail.com.

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