Coline Dejean
Nov 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Hi Legacy community!

We want you to have a clear vision on how and when you will be able to participate to Playoffs Seed Crowdsale and support our project.

You can participate in 4 easy steps

1- Create an Ethereum wallet.

Why? An Ethereum wallet is required in order to participate in the seed crowdsale. You will transfer ether from your personal wallet to a smart contract assigned to Legacy.

2- Buy tokens (CFI).

Why? You need to become a Priority Pass Member to be allowed to participate in the crowdsale. You can become a basic member by holding a minimum of 5,000 CFI tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

3- Create an account on

Why? The token (CFI) is your ticket to the Priority Pass™. You have to register your wallet address in your Priority Pass account to get everything ready for the D-day. Remember to do this before November 29th, 10 AM CET.

4- Contribute to Legacy’s crowdsale

Why? We are building a solution that solves several actual problems. Furthermore, we have been described as a project with vision, which means that we are also aiming at solving problems of the future (just think about smart property and how it will converge into the blockchain). We have a passionate, motivated team that is eager to build a great product. Also, the technology behind Legacy will bring the possibility to develop novel applications in the blockchain ecosystem.

When can you participate?

The Seed crowdsale starts on November 30th. Remember, you should have already created a account with the CFI tokens before November 29th, 10 AM CET. There will be 2 important phases:

  • PHASE 1 → Starts at 10 AM CET: During this phase, only Priority Pass members will be able to access the pre-sale, with a limited contribution of ETH. Be aware that only ETH from your registered wallet will be permitted. We recommend you already have a look on the project contribution page to see the amount of the limit and to link your wallet to your Priority Pass account as soon as possible.
  • PHASE 2 → Starts at 6:30PM CET: This phase will be also just for Priority Pass members but contributions will be unlimited.
  • Playoffs Seed Crowdsale → ENDS 1st Dec. at 4PM CET

As you can see above, the Seed Crowdsale will have a total duration of 30 hours! It’s important that both your wallet and your Priority Pass Membership are set before the beginning to avoid any kind of trouble. It would be really unfortunate if you stay out of the crowdsale because of a last-minute problem.

Create your Priority Pass Member here.

Haven’t heard about us yet? You can start by watching our introduction video and by visiting our website. For more details about our technology, you can check out a draft of our whitepaper. And if you have any question, don’t hesitate and come ask us on Telegram.

Legacy Network

Transfer your memories and belongings to your loved ones after passing away

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Legacy Network

Transfer your memories and belongings to your loved ones after passing away

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