Meet the advisors

So, we have a team, a track record, and blockchain knowledge. We’ve got everything we need to create Legacy, right?


The experience of people who have “been there, done that” is invaluable. Thankfully, we’ve succeeded in piquing the interest of experienced advisors. And their advice has already been invaluable!

Julien Bouteloup

Julien Bouteloup, our latest advisor, has been involved in a very wide sphere of tech (AI, physics, security, defence…) all over the world (NYC, Paris, London, Hong-Kong, Brussels and Singapore) and is now focusing on AI projects, sharing and decentralised economy. He is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain and AI developer, with a background in AI, Maths, Physics, Science & DIY. As such, he is an invaluable source for knowing what’s being worked on, where, and by whom. And we love his mission statement: Give power back to the people. First step “A web that is owned by the user of the web”

Adrian Brink

Adrian Brink is an ethereum developer and business developer and works at a reputable ethereum startup. As with any product, we will need to build Legacy, and we will need to let everyone know what we’ve built. Adrian is perfectly positioned to help us with both tasks, being core developer and head of community of a respectable blockchain(s) project. And that’s not even counting his close relationships with key players in that sphere. With Adrian’s help, we will “drive the change we want to see”.

Rafael Mery

Rafael Mery is a lawyer, professor of Law and Economics and researcher at Universidad Diego Portales, who has been trying to integrate blockchain into the legal sector for years. While Legacy does not aim to disrupt the legal structure by itself, we certainly want to be part of it. However, we don’t want early adopters to suffer because they put their trust in us. Which is why legal advice will be so important. And in the longer term, we hope to help shape future regulations by showing what a robust, well-built system can do. And Rafael Mery, a consultant at Wissen Legal Management Consulting will help us achieve this vision.

Thanks again to our advisors for their time. With their help, we know we are on the right path to bring Legacy to life!

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