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Jun 5, 2017 · 6 min read

Posted 04/03/2017

It has long been understood the importance of marketing for law firms, solo lawyers, and legal start-ups. The marketplace has become somewhat heavier with competition being fierce and lawyers are paying ridiculous amounts on PPC with no guarantee on any conversion at all. They tend to heavily rely on content marketing companies and SEO companies to help them compete in an ever-expanding marketplace. However, there is one aspect that you are most probably missing out on and most probably your chosen SEO company as well. They will be missing out on this simple yet effective way of increasing your chances in expanding your law firm’s reach online and increasing the chances on real time conversion rather than wishful thinking or blinded hope.

The former ways of doing SEO are finally done and what works back in the day will most certainly get you penalized in Google’s colosseum of search results currently. SEO credentials have been changed significantly in the last two years or so and they keep on evolving as best thought by the search engine giant Google. Therefore, the first rule of law is to stay updated always with what’s happening latest in the SEO field. No matter what you do to promote yourself or your Law practice, there is often missed opportunities right under your nose that you and your SEO team don’t realize. But before we get into that ring, let’s look at some of the ways that you are using or should be using now and what works and what does not. Consequently, many firms are small enough that an seo or marketing company is out of their reach, but these tips and the hidden gem you are missing is sure to level the playing field for you.

Back linking

Backlinking is one of those arguments that will never go away — about the necessity and the validity of back linking and there are some people who are just caught up in the past and refuse to progress. The truth of the matter is that Back linking is still a fundamental necessity in your SEO. However, the type of backlinks and the link juice they pass or the velocity of the link is more important than any number that is relative to back linking. The old age belief that more is best is most certainly wrong in this case and will probably get you penalized if you have a lot of the wrong links or practices. Quality links are the key and those can be like hen’s teeth to find.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the new SEO and considers the type of content that drives traffic and conversions to be more important for the users. In essence, good quality content that speaks to the emotion is the driving force of any real campaign. The type of content that you have at your disposal is wide and varied, such as;

  • Images
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Guest Posts
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Polls

And the list could go on.

Lawyer SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is all about your online and offline presence, such as on your website and the interaction of the asset within the search engines. The importance of properly optimized content and keyword selection is one of these traits that carries the mass amount of importance in any marketing campaign. However, don’t fall into the trap of optimizing for the search engines, you need to optimize for the readers.

Social Media Marketing

This is fast becoming one of the major methods of reaching customer’s and converting them from prospects to clients. Conversely, there is good social media and trashy social media. Lawyers need to be aware what constitutes good social media and what is trashy. This is not just the type of social platform but also about your posts and how you come across in social platforms. Remember! Don’t sell or Inform and that’s the key. You are dealing with emotions not statistics.

Video Marketing

One of the most neglected aspects of marketing for lawyers and law firms is video marketing, which is the cornerstone of online marketing these days. What goes wrong is when videos that are put out there are not representative of your law firm and just intended as spam click-baits. People want to feel that you can be trusted, they need an emotional connection, so get your lawyers behind the camera — not to sell but to inform and utilize these videos in your marketing campaigns.

What You are Missing!

All of the above, of course, are the basic necessities for any marketing campaign and each has its own rules. However, you are missing some hidden gems within your law firm that can utilize all of the above — and more. This will help you to dramatically increase your online presence and audience-reach if used in the right way.

The Hidden Gem’s

Within your law practice, you have hidden powers that will take your marketing to a new level and you probably have not even recognized the power you, the law firm and your SEO company already have at hand. Each lawyer is an asset, but not just to your law firm. They are an asset online and a key to the extenuation of your online power. You should look at each lawyers’ profile as a new digital asset that can be promoted and utilized in numerous content marketing channels. It’s not just about the site.

Your Law Firm Profiles

Now, most of you will have lawyer profiles on the company site but they don’t normally get promoted in the way that you would expect. By placing individual profiles on a content marketing suite such as a modern legal directory platform that offers more than just listing, you invariably get the power of all the site within your niche, and if each lawyer who has a profile is active in its promotion, you actually increase your online reach substantially. According to Michele Ruiz — author of Content Marketing For Lawyers; The author notes that consumers are looking more and more at legal profiles and learning more about the lawyers expertise, history and whether or not they have a track record and are approachable.

“Lawyers must make sure they can be found online”

Each lawyer has a new platform in which to interact with and not just an inactive profile on the firm website. The reality is that content marketing platforms that you are on are actively promoting not only your company but also all the interlinked profiles of that law firm. Imagine if only one article from each lawyer was placed on the profile, you would not just have one link to the company but you would have all of them competing for an online ranking and of course linked to your own law firm. As Ken Matejka, Author Of a lawyers guide to online leads explains, that you are better investing in marketing that is driven towards those who are seeking your service and that means “getting your message in front of consumers while they are actively searching for legal help.” That really just boils down to content marketing to ensure your brand is in front of those consumers that need your legal services.

The added ability to publish more than just a basic listing and to add marketing tools such as well-defined and planned content means that your law profiles/lawyers — become mini silo sites in themselves that are competing for that space online, which is a far greater benefit to your law firm. Now would you not prefer to go into the colosseum as a well informed and strengthened group rather than one individual fighting it off with bigger giants — alone? The assets you have at your disposal are wide and varied such as;

  • Video Marketing
  • Audio Marketing
  • Visual Marketing
  • Written Content
  • Engaged Content
  • Memorable Content
  • Direct Emotional Targeting

There are of course a lot more avenues to utilize but even maximizing this within a reputable marketing platform is like rocket-launching your law site. It’s time to recognize the benefits you have with each lawyer as a marketable asset.

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