Legal Design Summit: Diving Beneath The Surface


Figure 1: Common themes
Figure 2: Gartner’s hype cycle
Figure 3: Legal design recordings

Legal Design: What have we achieved so far? Where are we now?

Figure 4: Legal design around the world
Figure 5: Quote: Law is perhaps the most creative idea that mankind has ever come up with. The legal profession, everybody here is part of the exercise in law, and because law is founded on principles of history and precedent and careful deliberation, we forget, that a long long time ago, this was a radical idea. We have to own that, live it and understand that law is not a profession but a creative medium for expression and a means for common good.
Figure 6: Cultural understanding is everything
Figure 7: Quote: Innovation is a step between stubbornness and grit. Stubbornness: ask, receive a negative answer. Ask again, receive another negative answer, etc. Grit: ask, receive a negative answer. Ask why not? Do your homework. Provide arguments that support your thesis. Submit a new proposal.
Figure 8: The housecat problem
Figure 9: Quote: White-collar workers do not wake up thinking who should I bribe today, so why is there so much corruption?

Legal Design: Where are we going next and what do we need to get there?

Figure 10: Take what you need
Figure 11: Quote: We need more systematic impact
Figure 12: The hype wave
Figure 13: Quote: Why can’t lawyers just do x, y, z? This question is rarely answered. One answer that might lead to action is to have a cultural appreciation of the tension between legal and design culture.
Figure 14: Beyond the wall of the academy
Figure 15: Quote: Once you have seen a contract that’s created through legal design, why on earth would you want to do anything else?
Figure 16: Discovering legal design
Figure 17: Quote: We need radical collaboration
Figure 18: Quote: We can do amazing things within constraints

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