Legalpioneer Mission

@Legalpioneer is a passionate global community, which celebrates and re-tweets start-ups, stories & stars of the legal industry. We believe that the legal industry will witness a fundamental change in the next years due to technological developments and startups which will infuse new ideas and innovation into a sometimes sedate industry. We are convinced that the legal industry will be transformed by “legal pioneers” with new, innovative and disruptive business models, tools and work approaches. LegalPioneer wants to create a platform for all those who dream to make the legal industry and legal services in general better, cheaper, faster, more convenient and better accessible. We are deeply passionate about bringing awareness to all those pioneers.

Our Fellow Pioneers

The @Legalpioneer movement is supported by two of the biggest European Legal Tech communities (UK Legal Tech & Dutch Legal Tech) with combined over 1200 members. Our Legalpioneer network covers Asia, with pioneers Kanan Dhru (#IND)and Dr Peter Macmillan (#ASIA), and South Amerika and we will be following more regions soon. Introducing our founding members:

How does it work

Legalpioneer creates awareness through different means. In the beginning, Legalpioneer sets out to harness the “crowd intelligence” of Twitter users. Fellow pioneers will add @Legalpioneer to a tweet dealing with legal (tech) startups, news or people. The tweets will, for example, look as follows:

  • Startup [name], @legalpioneer #legaltech #startup
  • News [……] @legalpioneer #story
  • People [……] is a @legalpioneer

The top tweet each month gets re-tweeted as Tweet of the Month. And the top tweet of the year will receive a LegalPioneer award. This award will be well deserved and celebrated accordingly. We can vouch for that!

We have other exciting ideas to celebrate those who will make a difference. We will keep you in the loop.

5..,4…,3…,2..,1: LegalPioneer is taking off 🚀.

Join us: