Why UK legal services are GREAT

The UK is home to the best legal services in the world. That is the message of our new global campaign to promote the UK’s legal services.

Lord Keen of Elie QC, HM Advocate General for Scotland and Ministry of Justice spokesperson for the Lords
With over 200 international law firms, the UK is a global hub of legal expertise

From nearly four decades in the legal profession and as a UK Government minister and Advocate General for Scotland, I have seen first-hand the exceptional talent and expertise within our legal services sector across the whole of the UK.

Legal services: a global marketplace

In a global and competitive marketplace, we know what international clients want when they’re looking for legal services.

Clients want to choose a law to govern their contracts that gives them the flexibility, confidence and certainty they need.

They want legal firms that have a track record in and reputation for providing expert advice.

They want judges that are not only experts but also incorruptible and fair when it comes to settling disputes.

They want courts that are expeditious and that harness the latest technology.

These qualities are all woven into the fabric of the UK’s legal services.

UK: the cradle of the rule of law

The UK is the cradle of the rule of law. The roots of English law are deep; its adoption and influence is wide. It is the product of hundreds of years of evolution — of gradual refinement, development and extension, precedent after precedent.

As a result, English common law is clear, predictable and familiar. It underpins over a quarter of the world’s jurisdictions. It is the most popular choice of law in the world for commercial contracts and governs about 40% of all global corporate arbitrations.

UK: home to great law firms, expert judges and modern courts

But it is not just the pedigree of English law that makes the UK attractive. Our law firms, our judges and our courts that administer, interpret and arbitrate on the law are world-renowned.

Take UK law firms. With four of the top ten law firms in the world and with over 16,000 barristers, the UK has a wealth of talent and top legal expertise and advocacy.

Take UK Judges. They are respected internationally for their intellect, independence and commercial expertise, with many having specialist knowledge and practical understanding of commercial matters they are judging.

Take the UK’s judicial processes and courts. They do not just have hundreds of years of history behind them, they are among the best in the world in terms of being digitally-enabled.

The UK’s legal heritage, together with its expertise and innovation, makes it a popular choice for clients around the world. London brings access to the world’s biggest specialist legal centre for dispute resolution and commercial litigation.

But it’s not just about London. Our specialist Business & Property Courts located in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff merge that heritage, specialist expertise and modern buildings and technology to ensure that businesses can resolve disputes quickly and expertly in areas such as technology, construction, intellectual property and financial services.

Scotland has a wealth of legal expertise, including its leading expertise in oil, gas and renewable energy. And Northern Ireland is bringing greater efficiencies and innovations to the legal sector through its Legal Innovation Centre.

The ‘Legal Services are GREAT’ campaign is about shining a spotlight on the incredible strengths of English law, the independence and expertise of our judiciary, our modern and efficient courts and our world-class legal services right across the United Kingdom.

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