Yes… Lynching Is Ignorant

This post hasn’t really been planned or organized. Right now I have a lot going on, but it felt like something noting, so this is more stream of consciousness than anything else.

This election has been corrosive, but it did not come out of nowhere. It has come from equivocating the evolution of general opposition to the concept of racism with the confrontation of racism. This could not be more apparent than an individual “decorating” their house for Halloween by erecting a mock lynching (article | archived), but telling everyone else to “not be ignorant” because “it’s Halloween!”

This feels like it is rooted in the bizarre of antipathy of what has become known as being “politically correct,” which possesses very little understanding of what “political correctness” is about. I don’t see being “P.C.” as being about trying to race-bait or incite riots or anything nefarious. I equate it with empathy — it is about recognizing that every human being comes with their own history; every person comes with a backstory; every person thinks, feels, and emotes differently. It is not about trying to bring down America or to inflame situations; it is the very opposite that I seek. I wish to build us up and by being able to work together to be more productive.

Anyway, the point is, the ignorance of this situation is not the people that are offended that someone thought it was an acceptable decoration. The ignorance is that of the those who put this up without recognizing that lynching was a recent enough part of this country’s history that one of their neighbors may have lost a family member to it.