The magic of technology against the bureaucracy

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke

Each day we become more and more dependent on modern technologies. Is it bad?

For someone it is scary, but for others, they inspire, give confidence and pushing for further victories.

One thing is undeniable, the modern world has made us faster and more productive.

In the middle of the twentieth century, humanity began to fly and overcome insane distances in a matter of hours. The economy was forced to follow progress and it lead to unprecedented growth. So, now the enormous speed of information transfer gives a person the opportunity to do work and realize ideas literally at the speed of light. Many of us already don’t even have to fly now.

Through an ordinary smartphone, we can get anywhere in the world in just a few seconds, hold a business meeting and return to our office without getting up from the chair.

Our capabilities and actions drive the economy. And she is forced to compete with our speed or to fall behind and die on the sidelines.

The only thing that distracts us, and sometimes stops us, is bureaucracy. No matter how ambitious are the plans spinning in our heads, as soon as we receive a subpoena, we MUST postpone everything and tackle this issue. This applies for all our contacts with the state, a tax return, a fine, registration, and many other.

We chose this path because some questions have obvious answers: it’s better to have bureaucracy then corruption, better to have police then crimes, to solve problems in court, not on duels.

Modern technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and enormous computing power bursts into our world and change it at a tremendous rate.

The state, corporations and each person must either use them or hopelessly fall behind and die on the sidelines. The choice is yours.

A couple of years ago, Google Inc. made a breakthrough decision and lowered the accuracy of its processors. Think of yourself: do you often think in your head to a thousand decimal places? Do we really need it? No!

Same are true for artificial neural networks that work on the same principle as a human brain. Accuracy is not required for an evaluation decision. But we need substantial computational power which at least matches billions of neurons in the human brains. And Google did it, by reducing the accuracy they increased the performance of processors by 40,000 times. And breathed life into the use of artificial neural networks.

The fields of application of artificial intelligence are endless and even frighten mankind with its potential. But as declares another Arthur C. Clark quote: “The only way to establish the boundaries of the possible is to try to take a step beyond these boundaries.” Let’s take this step together.

Our developments are intended not to replace lawyers, they are designed to save all people and the same lawyers from an ungrateful routine. To make bureaucracy our friend, who does not steal time, but protects us effectively.

Any question arises after receiving the information. And no matter how you received this information, signed a contract, received an SMS on the phone, received an e-mail or just the postman put a letter under your front door.

Take out your weapon-it is a smartphone, turn on our application, take a snapshot of the “enemy” (text from the message) and in a few minutes, you will receive an individual, verified document template.

Sign your name under it and send it to the addressee.