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Legendao is a story-driven fantasy RPG adventure in a realm of ethereal, forbidding beauty.

Its main draw is a DeFi staking / NFT collecting platform where our community plays a game they help build while they earn $LGND rewards.

You start the game as a Yeti initiate taking the first steps on your path to become Legendary: one of the most powerful Cryptids, tasked with protecting the Secret.

Defeat opponents, solve riddles and overcome various other challenges — quests — according to the stats of your different skill attributes. You decide how to beat them by using one of your stats.

forthcoming in-game background asset

Every quest is based on one of three stats: wisdom, dexterity, or strength.

Whether you win or lose is based on your Cryptid avatar stats and a random (roll of dice) element.

Complete these quests to Level up and:

gain more XP and Loot
unlock new Areas
unlock new staking benefits
unlock new Loot reward access

The higher your Level, the better staking privileges on the Legendao Universe platform you get.

We know the following question is on everyone’s minds:

So, the following is what impacts your earning potential on Legendao:


When you successfully complete a quest or defeat an enemy, you win a Lootbox. Each Lootbox will have a chance to include a token item (an item affecting your $LGND staking rewards) or a regular in-game asset impacting your stats.

What’s In The Box?

The Legendao Universe has four different types of Loot items (IGAs):

  • One-use item
    -destroyed after being used
    Example: healing potion
  • Passive bonus item
    -grants the player some sort of bonus as long as s/he has the item
    Example: a sword that adds +3 to strength attribute.
  • Quest item
    -needed to complete or progress in a quest
    Example: moss to make a harness with
  • Token item
    -a special item that affects the gathering of $LGND

Player Hold

Your Cryptid avatar can work for you when you’re not actively engaging with the game. We have options where you can hold a player in a point of interaction (to complete a quest, farm a resource, etc.) for a set length of time.

The process is simple:

  • Set your Cryptid avatar to do its thing.
  • Go on with your business.
  • Come back to some slightly fuller bags.

The technical description:

  • Player hold is passive currency income accumulation using metrics based on Level and experience (XP).

The Basic Gameplay

Legendao’s gameplay mechanism is based on DND20 dynamics within a 2D point of interaction (POI) single player game.


You click on any green point of interest (POI) on the map. Your Cryptid avatar then moves along the road until s/he reaches the POI.

But a random encounter could happen on the way…

Concept Impact

Users familiar with Dungeons & Dragons will easily understand what we’re doing.

  1. Stats: Your Cryptid avatar has a variety of attributes, or stats. These stats (numerical values) are decided by your Council of Gyld NFT’s rarity and other properties, including Loot.
  2. Action resolution: When you choose one of the three options to complete a quest, the automatic “dice” will roll. The amount rolled will add value to the stat needed to complete the quest.
  3. Combat: When you engage in combat, you take turns with your opponent. An attack’s success is based on stats and the roll. If you attack and the total roll equals or exceeds your avatar stats, the attack hits and the opponent takes damage.
  4. XP (experience points): As your Cryptid avatar completes quests and defeats enemies, you earn XP. When you reach certain XP thresholds, you gain Levels. This will grant you more stat power and new abilities.
forthcoming in-game background asset

Stats: Three Ways To Beat One Quest

In the Legendao Universe, every quest is based on one of three stats: wisdom, dexterity, or strength.

Each quest gives you three options tied to one of the three stats.

A quest will give the option to solve a puzzle (wisdom), climb a wall (dexterity), or fight an enemy (strength).

To complete a quest, the relevant stat needs to reach a certain number of points. For example, a quest may require fifteen dexterity points in order to access it.

Your base stat is starting value for the relevant stat, and you “roll dice” to add a random bonus to your base stat. If the final value is equal to or greater than the target number, you beat the quest.

The rarity of a quest, as well as of your Cryptid avatar itself, is also important. Higher rarity quests have higher stat requirements and offer better rewards. But higher rarity quests have more challenging options, so you need to choose your quests based on your Cryptid avatar’s strengths and weaknesses.

We want you to use each of your three stats instead of only your strongest one. With that in mind, we introduced several different mechanics to make the game more challenging and rewarding. It’s not going to be much fun if you simply rely on your best stat to beat every quest.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to be $LGNDary? The time is coming sooner than you think. If you watched the Secret Summit , you were one of the first people to find out that the Legendao Universe platform is scheduled for a Q2 2023 release.

Legendao is an independent project under SCRT Labs auspices.

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