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$LGND Airdrop — It’s Happening

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We’re happy to announce that we’ve got all of the requirements set for the $LGND airdrop to take place in Q1 2024.

This is what you need to know.

There are 3 different airdrops that are accessible when the platform launches:

Council of Gyld OG Discord role airdrop
Airdrop per each CoG NFT held
$SCRT, $OSMO and $ATOM staker airdrop


We’re distributing the airdrop with the following goals in mind:

Facilitate “healthy” token launch and prevent dumping
Gain exposure and new users
Incentivize community to interact with the app
Distribute $LGND in a decentralized and fair way


We’re focusing more on the $SCRT stakers community — on Cosmos — to prevent dilution and keep value onchain.

But there will be a small fraction of $LGND token allocation to $OSMO & $ATOM stakers.


Snapshots were taken on two dates of wallets staking $SCRT, $ATOM and $OSMO.

The first snapshot of all wallets was taken on January 1, 2022.

The second snapshot of all wallets was taken on January 1, 2023.


40%- $SCRT stakers — min 475 $SCRT, no whale cap
5%- $ATOM stakers (excluding centralized exchanges) — min 20 $ATOM, whale cap $25,000
5%- $OSMO stakers — min 55 $OSMO, whale cap $20,000
50%- Platform rewards

Platform rewards will be distributed in accordance to completing 4 missions and per Council of Gyld OG holder role in Discord/Council of Gyld NFTs owned:

- User owns Cryptid avatar: 20%
- User reaches Level 10: 10%
- User reaches Level 25: 25%
- User reaches Level 40: 40%
- User holds a Council of Gyld NFT: 5%

We will perform a linearly vested airdrop to incentivize holding:
20% on day 1
— 80% over 6 months

After this time, unclaimed airdrop rewards will be transferred to the DAO treasury.


Those who own a Council of Gyld NFT will receive the following rewards when we launch the Legendao Universe:

A free 3D Cryptid avatar

One exclusive Council of Gyld wearable for your Cryptid avatar that provides special $LGND staking benefits

Either a lottery or whitelist spot for all future Legendao drops

A free Lootbox

A chance for future airdrops for all forthcoming collections

And here is the news you’ve all been waiting for.

Council of Gyld holders with the OG role (CoG OG role) in the LegenDAO Discord will receive a one-time bonus airdrop of 1000 $LGND from the unvested portion of the strategic funds — only if they still hold their Council of Gyld NFT(s).

that role

You MUST have registered your Council of Gyld OG role in our Discord by 11:59 UTC on May 1 to be eligible for this airdrop.

But there is a second airdrop for CoG holders, even if they didn’t register their OG role in Discord.

Each verified Council of Gyld NFT held earns an estimated airdrop of 700 $LGND, with or without the CoG OG role.

This amount is an ESTIMATE ONLY. Due to several mitigating factors pertaining to the calculations of rewards, there is no way at this time to commit to a set amount.

Tokenomics checked out, but it was late.

❗ The CoG NFT ID will be registered and each CoG NFT can only claim the airdrop once.

Rewards received will be in addition to any rewards earned by staking $SCRT, $ATOM or $OSMO as per the information written above.

Those who have the Council of Gyld OG role but no longer own their NFT(s) will not be eligible for any Council of Gyld related airdrop.

More information on how to verify your NFTs on the platform, whether or not pre-registration will be necessary and our actual launch date is forthcoming.


Any Council of Gyld holder and $SCRT, $OSMO and/or $ATOM airdrops are instantaneous (and stackable).

You do not need to play the game to receive them. BUT to get more airdrops, you need to play.

There will be a significant airdrop portion — 50% as noted above — allocated to incentivize usage of the Legendao Platform.

Users will be able to claim more $LGND in accordance with performing in-platform actions, including limited events, to further incentivize participation.

If you have any questions, ask them in this Twitter thread or get into our Discord.

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