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The fine knowledge management app no one talks about

My “bullet journal” set up in Legend.
  1. My daily logs (hoisted to the current date)
  2. A list of my collections
  3. An open tasks pane
The multi-pane approach in Legend.

Some nice bells and whistles

  • Legend handles due dates well, including recurring tasks.
  • You can add notes to any block, which opens a small rich text editor.
  • Legend is available online through a browser, but also has desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux (I suspect these use Electron as a foundation if that matters to you), and is available on iOS and Android.
  • You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to use Legend.
  • It’s easy to drill down to focus on one topic while keeping the big picture in view. In your main outline, select the topic you want to work on and choose “open in a new pane.”
  • Legend handles linked references nicely, allowing you to link to any item in any of your documents.
  • Legend uses client-side AES-256 encryption to sync data securely.



Legend is designed for you — to work the way you do and to be the one place for all your productivity needs.

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