Why we’re building MakersFeed

…and how you can get involved as one of our first users.

MakersFeed is a new service from us. It fetches all your latest posts from your favorite places, and embeds them as a beautiful feed on your website.

Helping creators thrive

The goal with all of our products is to help awesome creators like you be more successful online. When we started planning MakersFeed, we approached it in terms of how we can help you succeed.

So what problem does MakersFeed solve?

Keeping your visitors’ attention on you

Social networks are great for finding new audiences for your work and bringing them back to your own website.

But they’re also a huge source of distraction. Your content is competing with everyone else's, and it’s easy to get lost in the noise.

People visiting your own website are more valuable than people briefly checking you out on social media. They interact with you, share your work, and buy your products.

These are your fans — once you have their attention, you need to keep it!

Many people use social media icons to link visitors to their other profiles, but what if you could just show your posts right there on your site?

This is why we’re building MakersFeed.

Keeping people on your own website means more time spent looking at your work without competing with everyone else. More time interacting with and sharing your content. More customers for your business.

This equals more success for you.

An extra bonus? You save other people time: your fans shouldn’t have to visit each network individually to see all your latest stuff!

How you can get involved

Right now we have our prototype working with content from Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble and Tumblr. Feeds update every few hours automatically whenever you post something new.

We are opening up a handful of paid accounts for early customers that are willing to give feedback and grow with us. If you use these networks and would like to try out the very first version of MakersFeed, you can do so now at a discounted price of only $9 a month.

Our early customers will keep this price for the lifetime of the account.
Once we add more features, the price point will be higher.

We’ll be on-boarding our early users manually, and working closely with you to get your feeds up and running. We’re keen on quickly improving the service based on your feedback!

Interested in MakersFeed?
Sign up for our beta to get yours

Why we’re building MakersFeed

We’re a company making products that help creators thrive. This is our first time building a SaaS product, and we’re super excited to experiment and share what we’re learning as we go.

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