Baby It’s Cold Outside: So listen to a better romantic feminist Christmas song

It’s almost a shame to despise the old Christmas chestnut Baby It’s Cold Outside. This song, after all, boasts the sweetest tune and has been covered by a multitude of ultra cool people, including Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Norah Jones and Willie Nelson, Dean Martin; I remember as a child being particularly charmed by a rendition featured on Saturday Night Live, performed by my idol Sigourney “Ripley” Weaver and Buster Poindexter — hey, who among us didn’t form an awkward conga line to the tune of his classic Hot, Hot, Hot?

Then I had to go and read the lyrics, and I hate it when that happens. As it turns out, Baby It’s Cold Outside features references to spiked drinks (“hey, what’s in this drink?”) and the word no is said a number of times. And the female singer is told not to hurt the male singer’s pride.

Yeah. Methinks I shall write and record an answer song called, Baby I Know Martial Arts and I’m in Possession of Mace. Until its release, here are a few suggestions for some truly romantic Christmas songs that don’t manage to contain demeaning and offensive lyrics — bonus!

  1. Please Come Home for Christmas — Jon Bovi Jovi: Although this ditty has been performed by a number of artists, Jon Bon Jovi’s version is easily my favorite. His soulful voice conveys the sadness and sensitivity of a man who longs for his true love at Christmastime. Plus the dude is more than just a bit easy on the eyes, which only adds to the song’s rich romantic aura.

2. This Christmas — Donny Hathaway: I actually listened to this song on repeat as I wrote my Christmas romances this year. I’ve been in love with Hathaway’s golden voice for ages, and this song epitomizes the concept of Yuletide romance. (Sadly, there also exists a version that shall not be mentioned, performed by Chris Brown. Avoid.)

3. Let It Snow — Various artists — This classic Christmas carol boasts a rich aura of romance both innocent and playfully sexy — especially when performed by the gorgeous Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder. You get the fireplace and the romantic kisses in this one, minus the spiked drink and passive aggressive intimidation. Bonus!

4. Cold Christmas — Dana— This lovely old standard tells the story of a loving couple who can’t be together for the holidays. Its innocence and sincerity is most refreshing, and Dana has a lovely voice that conveys the deepest emotion.

5. It Can’t Be Christmas Without You — Valerie Gillespie — Full disclosure here (a disclosure made because I wish to brag profusely): I know this lady and she is an amazing, multi-talented singer and musician who has performed with the likes of Ray Charles and Natalie Cole. This original jazz composition should become a classic carol; one perfect for a romantic Christmas Eve by the fire.

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