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Editor’s Note: Legendary Women, Inc. is a sex-positive group so some of the books below show women in safe, consensual and healthy sexual relationships. The covers are safe for work, but please note that the books below are a mix of fiction, memoir, non-fiction, and romance.

One day all too recently, I stood at a local bookstore perusing a display of erotic romances aimed toward women.

And for one fleeting moment, I thought that I had wandered into an adult bookstore that catered to an exclusively male clientele.

I saw books with titles like Under His Command, Anything He Wants and Her Master. I saw book covers that featured cover models in trashy lingerie and — in some cases — in chains and handcuffs.

I stopped and wondered just how women’s sexuality — not to mention their literary entertainment — was so hopelessly sabotaged? Since when, I wondered, did the ultimate female fantasy revolve around the pleasure of a man? When did her story become his story?

Then to console myself, I paused to consider all of the affirming, feminist-themed books — both fiction and non-fiction — that I’d read and heard about in the past year. And I decided to give them their own showcase, right here at Legendary Women and just in time for Women’s History Month.

The Jacquis is an award nominated by feminist readers and given to feminist authors — stellar penwomen who capture the lives of women in their pages. Women of all colors, creeds and backgrounds.

Please join your sister legendary women in celebrating the Jacquis.

  1. My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

The feminist pioneer and original Legendary Woman shares stories of her remarkable life, along with the travels, accomplishments and delightful acts of rebellion that have filled it.

2) The 50 Women anthology series (50 Women, Book One and 50 Women, Book Two) has been praised by Ms. Magazine, Global Fund for Women, The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, the Center for Gender Equity at Suffolk University, Women’s Media Center, Women’s eNews and many more. 50 Women is a two-part anthology series of personal stories of strength and perseverance told by 50 different women from 30 countries. In these individual stories, the women discuss their unique experiences navigating and overcoming obstacles concerning political, cultural and societal issues, armed conflict, gender-based violence, immigration, health afflictions and business ventures. Many of their stories challenge common stereotypes and provide living historical accounts of the densely complicated political and societal issues of our time.


3) God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison’s latest masterwork is her first contemporary novel, an exploration of how the traumas of childhood can influence a young woman well into adulthood.

4) Lady Chatterley: The Next Generation by Cassidy Pittman

A modern day descendant of Lady Chatterley finds the key to the sexual legacy that binds her to her famous relative — also unlocking her own sexuality and capacity for pleasure.

5) Mastering the Sinner by Kate Pearce

A prim and proper miss in Victorian England explores her dominant side with the help of a gorgeous and joyfully submissive young gent.

6) The Jacquie Dumont mysteries

Jacquie Dumont is a tough as nails detective dedicated to helping women in abusive and degrading situations. And in 2015 she starred in two erotic mysteries: Of Power and Passion from Scandalous Publishing and Real Women Don’t Wear Grey.

In Of Power and Passion, Jacquie helps a female mayoral candidate embroiled in a blackmailing scandal. It is her mission to help elect her city’s first woman mayor.

In Real Women Don’t Wear Grey, fashion designer Chad believes that his money and looks can get him any woman he wants, including the beautiful and innocent model Jenna Dumont; the ultimate target for his manipulation and rough games. Yet when he meets Jenna’s sister, the powerful, unyielding Jacquie Dumont, he realizes that real women don’t wear grey — and that men who hurt women do get punished…

( Editor’s Note: It’s a wonderful take on a 50 Shades dynamic that doesn’t end in abuse, but leaves you cheering and well worth the read! Also, if you don’t laugh perusing it, then you don’t have a funny bone.)

7) The First Time series by Abigail Barnette

Barnette, a feminist writer and anti-50 Shades of Grey activist, stuns with this far superior example of feminist erotica. Penny and Ian are an intelligent and mutually respectful couple who embark on a red hot romance, learning much about themselves and one another in the process.

8) I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, delivers this stunning, compelling account of one girl’s fight for justice and equality — one that could have cost her her life.

9) S.E.C.R.E.T. Trilogy by L. Marie Adeline

A secret club where gorgeous young men fulfill the fantasies of powerful women. This is the world that L. Marie Adeline captures perfectly in her S.E.C.R.E.T. trilogy.

10) The Santangelos by Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins, the amazing feminist author who helped inspire this award, left us last year with one more Lucky Santangelo adventure. And Lucky is just as powerful and feisty as ever….

11) Going Through the Change by Samantha Bryant

A team of menopausal superheroines? The Avengers for women entering “that time” of life? Definitely sign us up! Anything that brings diversity to superheroing is a welcome addition to 2015’s year in books!

Our thanks to everyone for their nominations, and especially to the authors for their wonderful reads. If you are one of our winning authors and would like an individualized badge for your site or other social media, please let us know and we’re be happy to fashion a 2015 Jacqui Awards badge for you!!!

All images are the property of their copyright holders and are for review purposes only.

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