Meet Our Literary Contest 2015 Judges

Judge #1- Dr. Stephanie Selvick

Every Monday for the next month, we’ll be bringing you the profiles of our judges, a collection of writers, scholars, journalists, and feminist professors who will be helping us pick the very best of your submissions. Up first is Dr. Stephanie Selvick.

Stephanie Selvick is an assistant professor of World Literature at Utica College, New York. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Miami, where she specialized in African literature and queer studies. Her main research project analyzes literary depictions of female desire in contemporary South Africa. However, her interest in queer representation has led her to write on and teach a wide-range of aesthetics, including photography, performance art, music videos, and even Tumblr.

There’s at least four more amazing women coming up in addition to Dr. Selvick so be sure to check in and also keep up with sending in those entries. If you need any clarifications on the rules, you can always find them at and GOOD LUCK!