Silenced: Why women who object to Trumpcare are being shut out and shut up

Would they let Lady Liberty participate in the committee?

Are sexism and general stupidity preexisting conditions?

OK, so women constitute 50 percent of the United States population. Yet the percentage of women at work on the much disputed American Healthcare Act is slightly less. To be specific, women constitute roughly 0 percent of the senators currently at work on the Trumpcare act. Oh, wait a minute; the current administration would prefer that we not refer to their healthcare bill as Trumpcare.

So from this point forward, I will refer to the American Healthcare Act as Trumpcare.

Many women are justifiably angry and concerned that a bunch of white males are deciding the future state of their and their children’s healthcare. Sen. Kamala Harris Tweeted…

And one concerned activist, feminist Louise Huggler Beane, contacted the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch to inquire as to why the 13-member Trumpcare committee features as many women as Alfalfa’s “He-Man Woman Haters Club” on The Little Rascals.

“I just called Senator Orrin Hatch’s office to ask why there were no women Senators working on the healthcare bill and was rudely told there were female aides helping the Senators!!!” she reported to the Facebook group Unite Women FL. “I told him that was not acceptable as we have female senators who could be working on the bill…and his response was to hang up on me.”

Another group member responded that, after making a similar call, she was told that the lack of gender parity in this situation was “not our problem.”

Oh, I beg to differ. Women are your problem — and when we are told that our representation is limited to the aides of the senators deciding our future, then we will be enraged. If you slam the phones in our ears, we will keep calling you back and put you on blast. You work for us, and we are putting you on notice.

Listen to women. Talk to women. Cover our conditions, whether we are single working women, mothers-to-be in need of care, breast cancer patients, or rape survivors in need of aftercare.

My thanks to Louise Huggler Beane for granting me permission to use her story, and Unite Women FL — the fantastic feminist group that is asking its members to call (844) 241–1141 to be connected to a state representative who voted yes on Trumpcare.

“To the 13 Republican men negotiating a secret health care plan,” Tweeted Sen. Patty Murray, “women & families are watching.”

You’d better believe it, Senator.

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