Teen Wolf ReCAP: Dreamcatchers (5x03)

This episode was, as Mason Hewitt would say:

“Dreamcatchers” included a nice dose of what the holy hell just happened, a few teardrops — maybe more than a few — and a whole lot of GRRL POWER (did you see what I did there?). We’re only on episode three and my heart is racing like I just watched the end of a two hour season finale. Buckle in, kids, because if you thought the last two episodes were at all intense, you don’t even remotely know what you’re in for. No, really. I did not see any of this coming.

It’s just an average day in Beacon Hills, as you can see. Putting on handcuffs…

Putting on plaid like you’re preparing for war… (I really thought this was Stiles — basically as soon as I see plaid in any context, I think of Stiles)

And this guy? Okay, okay, rewind. I did not think this guy was going to be relevant. He randomly threatened the sheriff back in the first episode and, since he was sort of a nameless nobody, I assumed it was just part of the sheriff’s daily grind. Apparently not. I keep forgetting that on this show, every little detail matters (and will probably come back two episodes later to ruin you).

Now he has a name: Donovan. He has a name, he’s threatened the sheriff, and now he’s making a second appearance. Is this is what is going to put Papa Stilinski in danger this season? If it is, can we stop putting the Stilinski family in peril — forever? Stiles has already lost one parent and I think I would lose it if anything happened to his dad. Please, Teen Wolf writer gods. Please.

See these faces? These are the faces of two best friends who have always secretly hoped they’d become brothers one day, and how it feels closer than ever because OMG, the sheriff has a DATE. D-A-T-E. It’s taken five seasons, but we’ve arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Look at him! I bet Stiles picked out that shirt for him. Because it’s plaid.

“The town of Beacon Hills won’t implode while you’re out with one woman. Or man?”

I like how Stiles openly asks his dad if he’s dating a man. Teen Wolf isn’t perfect by any means, but the open, without-a-question support and acceptance of LGBT characters is something I appreciate. Not enough shows would even attempt this in their normal dialogue. It may not be nearly enough, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Stiles has made the mistake of assuming that Beacon Hills won’t implode while he goes on his date, and the Sheriff has made the mistake of not telling Scott and Stiles who he’s going out with — does he really think they aren’t going to find out? Stiles’ wry “I want to know” tells me it isn’t going to take him long to decipher this one. I mean, is there any doubt here? The Sheriff and Melissa McCall practically belong together. Come on!

Donovan talks to his lawyer, Mr. Stewart — who happens to be Tracy’s dad — and finds out it’s likely he’s going to get a few years in the slammer. Uhh, who is this guy again? I’m still trying to figure out why he’s relevant.

“Deputies, escort the prisoner out.”

Donovan threatens him some more, but it mostly sounds like the ranting of a petulant child and the Sheriff is deeply unimpressed. He keeps his calm like a seasoned pro and reminds Donovan that he’s doing himself no good by showing anger — it’ll be recorded later. See ya, Donovan.

As usual, Stiles protects those he cares about by using his one self-proclaimed defense: sarcasm. He reminds Donovan about the “tiny little cell” he’s going to be in soon, and then…

Yeah. Donovan yells some more.

We also learn that at one point or another, he wanted to be a cop. Apparently. I guess his chances of that are pretty much in the garbage now, which might be another reason why he’s so ticked off at the Sheriff.

Meanwhile, in the prison transport van, the driver has a heart attack out of nowhere.

Uh-huh. Angry Donovan is being shipped off to prison, and the driver randomly loses control of the vehicle. Okay. Sure.

I thought for sure that Donovan had some powers up his sleeve and it would then explain why he’s relevant to the plot, but he looked genuinely surprised to find…

Claw marks and a clear substance dripping from the roof of the van.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t Donovan behind this, but the very shocking revelation I guessed would happen still happens.

He escapes and is on the loose, free to find the Sheriff and fulfill his threats. Awesome.

And Mr. Stewart isn’t too happy to find out Tracy was the one on the roof. Actually, he doesn’t seem surprised, either. Does he know what’s going on with her, and why she killed the driver for no apparent reason? Does he know her night terrors are more than just terrors?

Aside from the creepy serial killer eyes that are now staring into my soul, I’m happy to see that Tracy is the main topic of this episode rather than some werewolf who is out to attack Scott. The story revolves around her not only as the episode’s mini villain, but as a complex character who is struggling with reality and her humanity.

And then these guys show up. They look a little less like scuba divers this week, but I’m still not feeling the whole “Dread Doctor” thing. Their trench coats and chemical masks don’t really creep me out, I don’t know. It just feels kind of cartoonish, like something out of a comic book. The blurry special effects and whirligig sounds don’t make it much better. That’s not necessarily bad, but sometimes I get the feeling that the Teen Wolf universe is slowly inching further and further away from any semblance of reality. I like some reality, because it makes the struggles of our characters more relatable.

They get to Donovan and proceed to drill into his head. I’m wondering why I should care when suddenly it dawns on me. His eyes start to look like this:

And I swear, if they turn him into some cyber-werewolf super villain who’s only goal is to bring harm to Papa Stilinski…I will get a burning pitchfork and find my way to creator Jeff Davis’ house right now.

I would be happy that we’re back at the jeep, but it’s not starting and Stiles is punching the steering wheel and I’m getting the sense that as the jeep sinks further and further into oblivion, Stiles’ sanity is going along with it. A breakdown is coming, folks, and it’s not going to be pretty.

To make matters worse, Stiles is getting texts from Braeden about Malia’s mother, the “Desert Wolf”. We don’t know what happened, but Stiles shows Scott a picture of what she did, so we’re led to assume that she might not be a friendly figure.

Mostly, I’m just upset that Braeden disappeared at the end of last season on a mission to find the Desert Wolf. Her badassery belongs in the plot with the rest of the Teen Wolf ladies, not on the sidelines as a service to the plot and its protagonists.

Speaking of the Desert Wolf, it looks like Malia is currently behind the wheel again while having visions of her past. I’m afraid.

Get your helmets, ladies, because you’re heading for a tree faster than George of the jungle.


In all seriousness, though, it’s beyond nice to be able to see Lydia, Malia and Kira spending time together. Better yet, they’re helping each other out. We’re not wasting any time with love triangle storylines or jealousy or competition. Malia needs help learning to drive, and they are there for her. It’s as simple as that. In light of everything Lydia has lost in Allison, I love that she is still able to have something of a sisterhood with these two. Even if it’s not quite the same.

They were going to head back to the school parking lot to continue practicing, but Lydia gets this look on her face and tells Malia to keep going downtown. We’ve seen this look before, and it reminds me why Holland Roden is the perfect Lydia Martin (the way she says “we’re almost there” gave me chills). Banshee powers activated.

Sure enough, she finds the scene of the crime before anyone else. I’m loving that Malia, Kira and Lydia are the first to arrive on the scene together. They’re the dream team, basically.

“Call 911.”

Lydia is already growing more confident in her powers. She’s no longer freaking out about how she was able to find a dead body — she knows what she is and jumps right into action. She may not have all the answers yet, but there is a boldness in her eyes that I hope we see more of this season.

It doesn’t take long for Stiles and Scott to start investigating, of course. Scott goes to search for Donovan, since he’s the only apparent suspect.

Stiles has another idea for who the suspect could be…

Yeah, Theo. Why is Theo even there?! He is always there. How is he involved? What’s his evil plan? I need to know.

Meanwhile, Scott finds Donovan…

Who doesn’t look so threatening anymore.

He phones in to the Sheriff and tells him Donovan keeps repeating a name. Stiles is all like “IT’S THEO”, but it’s actually Tracy. Basically, Stiles is going to keep looking ridiculous for suspecting Theo, but he’s still going to be right.

Lydia doesn’t look so surprised given what she knows about Tracy’s current state, and she gives Parrish this knowing look that should be directed at Stiles instead. I get it, Parrish was there during the whole Tracy shenanigans in the last episode, but is it so wrong that I miss the Martin/Stilinski investigative duo?

Lydia tells the pack about Tracy’s night terrors, and they all put in their two cents about what to do next (including Malia, who thinks killing Tracy off is still the best solution from a werecoyote perspective).

It’s all serious business until the camera pans to Mason, who is just totally excited and over the moon about everything. He practically has a fangirl moment when he interacts with Kira (“You’re a kitsune! I don’t even know what that is!”) and…

I mean, just look at him. He’s about to burst out in song like:

I’ve never seen anyone so excited to be a part of the supernatural on this show, and it’s a breath of fresh air. Can he stay on the show forever? Can nothing bad happen to him? Please?

“I’m in the inner circle?!”

Stiles berates puppy Liam for bringing his best friend along to the “inner circle”, but it’s too late. Seriously, Mason is a part of this pack now and you can’t tell me otherwise.


As always, Stiles is so not on board with any newcomers, and I can’t blame him, but I’m hoping he warms up to Mason soon because if there’s anyone they can trust, it’s him.

Despite all the threats, Papa Stilinski is still offering Donovan help. He wants to know what he saw the night Tracy attacked the van. He would still stand up for Donovan if he’d tell the truth and confide in him. The Sheriff is a good person and I don’t want anything bad to happen to him ever.

We hear the whirligig noises again, and it reminds us that the Dread Doctors definitely did something to mess him up. Not that he wasn’t messed up enough already…

Of course he refuses the help and continues to deserve the cell he’s in. Ugh. Well, we know he’s not redeemable now.

Then Parrish shows up to tell us more good news: Tracy has killed her psychiatrist and there’s no knowing who will be next.

Stiles finally gets around to telling Malia the news he learned from Braeden about her mother. I’m glad he’s being honest with her, because she has a right to know even if it isn’t good news.

Don’t you hate that moment in high school when you find out your mom is the Desert Wolf and she just massacred a room full of people?

Stiles says these guys were bad and Malia says she must be good at her job. Um, what is her job exactly? The Desert Wolf is so elusive. I still have no idea what that even means, but I’m intrigued to say the least.

Meanwhile, Scott is rocking AP Bio and I’m proud of him like he’s my son. I want to print this out and put it on my fridge (also, I’m loving how this is an AP Bio test but one of the multiple choice answers is “D. Awesome”).

He looks so surprised to see he’s doing well, but everyone else knew he had it in him. Kira is proud of him, Lydia is proud of him…

Everyone is proud of him and this is a happy moment until this happens:

Oh, LOOK WHO’S HERE, watching everything Scott is doing as always. Where’s Stiles when you need him? He would shut this down real quick.

Just as Scott is about to read a section of the textbook aloud to the class, puppy Liam shows up and needs help! Aw.

Scott, basically:

He can’t ignore that face. He just can’t. You can see his resolve withering away.

Liam uses his wolf telepathy to tell Scott that Tracy is inside the school. Too bad Theo. Can. Hear. Everything.

Bio, schmio. Puppy Liam needs help and it can’t wait.

Is no one noticing this?

No one? Okay.

Finally, someone notices Tracy holding on to the desk like a psychopath. Oh, look! It’s…it’s…do we know her name yet? Sources tell me it’s Hayden, so we’ll call her Hayden.

It looks like Tracy could use a pedi. No, really, did no one notice her werewolf feet when she walked into the classroom? No one? Okay.

Amazingly, Hayden manages to appear more concerned than grossed out. She reminds me of Lydia still, honestly. Tough cookie on the outside, soft gooey peanut butter filling on the inside. She wants to help. I like Hayden.

The pack has ARRIVED.

Too bad Tracy is only seeing Dread Doctors.

Suddenly, she grabs hold of Hayden’s arm. I’m not sure why she does this — is she trying to hold onto what little of reality she can? Hayden was the only one to stop and try to help, to make a connection. Maybe Tracy is realizing this in her subconscious.

Unfortunately, she holds on a little too tight and then blood is seeping everywhere.

Tracy gets up and I’m afraid that she’s going to attack, but then…

She tells them that “they’re coming” (the Dread Doctors?) and falls to the floor, spitting — maybe leaking is the better word — this grey stuff. It was black before. What’s with the color change?

Scott is on it. He is always prepared to jump into action, so he doesn’t waste any time getting Tracy help.

Hayden asks where they’re taking Tracy, and for a second I forgot that she’s not in the coveted “inner circle”. Well, soon enough…

Especially if Liam keeps giving her heart eyes like this. I hope we eventually get to see more scenes with them, because I like their dynamic. Plus, I think Hayden would make a great addition to the inner circle — I like that the writers haven’t just introduced her as a love interest; she has her own thing going on and isn’t there for Liam’s amusement.

I also kinda want her and Lydia to be best friends and go shopping together.

He asks if she needs help getting to the nurse, and for a second it seems like she might take the offer, but then we collectively remember that she still wants revenge on him for something that happened in the past. She rebuffs him and heads off, leaving me SO curious.

It looks like Liam is pretty curious, too.

We might not have to wait long for Hayden to join the pack. She runs to the bathroom to wipe the blood off, but, uh…are those bite marks? Did Tracy’s claws puncture her skin — did they go deep enough to make something happen? Hmm…stay tuned?

Lydia brings up an awesome point because she’s Lydia: if Tracy is a werewolf, she has an Alpha. Someone who should be trying to guide her, like Scott does with Liam.

They decide to turn to a different pack in town — and their Alpha — to see if Tracy could be with them. I’m totally on board with the idea of Scott’s pack joining forces with another one — why hasn’t this happened yet?

Is this Greek god supposed to be a high school lacrosse player? Nope, just another werewolf. Wait, this is actually Brett from last season and he’s a part of Satomi’s pack.

Did I mention this scene happened in slow motion?

Me too, Mason. Me too.

Deaton finally does what needs to be done: he gets a flashlight and tries to find the truth. What is going on with Tracy?!

Can someone, uh, get a napkin and wipe the silver mercury goo off too, maybe?

Malia thinks they should put her down, and Stiles is just like:

I’m surprised Malia hasn’t evolved more by now, but I’m happy that on some level the writers are reminding us that Malia is still learning how to be human. I just wish they would be more consistent with this part of her character.

“I’m not opposed to a little…extra security.” *muffled rap music*

Malia’s suggestion might have been extreme, but it reminded everyone that Tracy is still dangerous. Deaton uses a familiar supernatural element to make sure she can’t escape: mountain ash! He also does this in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Kira and Lydia decide to investigate Tracy’s room.

“Is this a crime scene?”

This thing where Kira is worried about breaking the rules and Lydia is like “eh no, maybe” is becoming a thing and I like it. They make a good duo.

“Maybe. Don’t worry about it.”

Lydia says she is following a “feeling”, and again I’m happy that we get to see her doing that without any fear. It has taken time and progress, but Lydia is finally getting to know what it means to be a banshee. She is making her own place in the supernatural world, and getting closer and closer to the Ninja Lydia we saw in Eichen House at the start of this season (which was also the end of the season, so the future).

Deaton tries out more tests on Tracy, and still seems concerned.

He keeps looking over at the mountain ash barrier, worried that they won’t be able to get out. Is this part of the anxiety we saw with him in the jeep earlier? I feel like Stiles is getting more and more anxious about his friends surviving senior year. I also got the vibe that he is concerned for Tracy’s well being, too. He’s worried for anyone in danger of losing their humanity, Tracy included.

Mason and Liam show Brett a picture of Tracy to see if she’s a member of their pack, but he doesn’t recognize her.

Satomi is his Alpha, and she’s not looking for any new wolves. The interesting thing we learn from this scene is that Satomi took him and his sister in after their family died in fire — uhh, Derek Hale much? Hmm.

And then Liam realizes the necklace Tracy is wearing in the picture is the same necklace Liam found in the hole! See, it’s a good thing he fell in that hole. Progress.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Kira find a dreamcatcher given to Tracy by her dad. In a card, her father tells her “it only works if you believe it” and I’m taking that to mean that in order for Tracy to snap out of it, she has to first believe she can.

Lydia realizes that Tracy is still in a night terror and throws out the phrase “homicidal somnambulism” at the same time. Lydia’s intelligence confounds us all.

And so the twists begin…next, we learn (from Melissa McCall, my hero) that the driver didn’t have a heart attack. He was paralyzed. By Tracy. Last I checked, werewolves can’t do that. When was the last time we saw a creature that could paralyze?

Stiles begins to put this all together pretty quickly, and I’m having suspicions of my own when…uhh…


Is that…?


What. The. Holy. Fresh. Hell. (Okay, for real, the special effects were pretty terrible here. MTV needs to invest more in that department because I could not stop laughing)

I don’t even have commentary for this. I think it speaks for itself.

Tracy then sprouts a tail…

and kicks Stiles’ butt to the ground, leaving him paralyzed.

Tracy the kanima. Welp, didn’t see that one coming! If the kanima sounds familiar to you, it should.

Oh, season two. Who knew we would see another homicidal lizard? If Jackson were here, he could finally make a proper friend (please don’t bring Jackson back. Please).

Aaaand then Tracy escapes. Past the mountain ash. Which has never been done before.

Nighty night.

And then Mason falls into a hole like Liam did last week. Well, friends who fall into holes together stay together.

But the necklace isn’t there anymore!


Mason figures it out: Tracy was buried in the hole at some point, since it looks like someone dug their way out — she didn’t fall in. Liam doesn’t think it was the same hole he fell in earlier, though, which leaves us to wonder who crawled out of this one — Donovan? Theo?

This is Stiles’ concentration face when he’s trying to move his paralyzed limbs…just in case you ever wondered what that would look like.

Stiles is super convinced he’s making progress, but…

“I’m gonna have to disagree. I think I hold an informed opinion.”

And then Malia becomes our hero. Epic music plays and she actually manages to heal herself before Scott. Who runs the world? GIRLS.

Malia struggles, but she does it.

Stiles doesn’t want her to go after Tracy without them — he’s seen how nasty a kanima can be — but she is determined and she is going. Scott just tells her to save Tracy rather than kill her. Malia seems reluctant, but I have faith in her. Malia has been working so hard on being human. She can do this.

Lydia and Kira figure out Tracy is going after people who have tried to help her (probably as a subconscious plea for help which turns violent when she sees them as Dread Doctors)— so her mom is the next target on the list, and Lydia herself is in danger since she too helped Tracy.

And where is Lydia’s mom, pray tell? “On a date”.

A DATE. OH MY GOD— !! And Lydia KNOWS about it. Does she know it’s with the Sheriff? Does she know but Stiles doesn’t?! I wish I could have filmed my reaction to this moment, because I was practically jumping around like one of those little monkey toys with the cymbals.

This is actually happening.

Yeaaaah, his date is not Melissa McCall (yet) but both Papa Stilinski and Ms. Martin have to start somewhere in their romantic lives and I have a feeling this “date” isn’t going to become much of a date anyway. Beacon Hills is going to implode first, remember?

More than anything, I need Lydia and Stiles to have a discussion about this. Now.

But Tracy is here, ready to murder, so I think my hopes and dreams will have to wait.

Kira whips out her belt-sword again, and I am 100% ready for her badassery.

Lydia tells her mom to run, and I judged Ms. Martin a little bit for actually running away with Lydia there. However, I keep forgetting that her mom is only now being exposed to the supernatural. She probably doesn’t know what the heck is going on, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.


I’m heartbroken, Lydia’s mom is heartbroken, we’re all heartbroken. Why? Because Lydia Martin keeps getting hurt. She is the punching bag of the show, and it’s getting old. I know Lydia is still new to the scene and she’s still developing her powers, but seeing her get hurt sucks. She doesn’t deserve it and I’m sick of seeing her abused in some way or another every episode. She is the most complex lady on the show and she keeps getting punished for it.

Luckily, Kira is able to keep the girl power going strong and she becomes the most badass I have ever seen her in this scene.

She cuts off Tracy’s kanima tail like a true warrior, and this makes Tracy flee. YOU GO, KIRA.

GUESS WHO. How did he even get here? How does he always know what’s going on? He doesn’t even go here!

Theo actually attempts to help lift Stiles up, and Stiles is so not ready for Theo to help him. Ever. You can see him cringing at the very thought of it. I think Stiles would rather stay on the floor paralyzed for all of eternity than have Theo help.

Stiles still can’t believe anyone is buying this whole “Theo” thing. In my head, Deaton silently agrees.

Theo is all “let me help”, “trust me” and…

Scott is still like “okay”. At least he looks slightly conflicted by it now. Maybe?

Malia makes it to the sheriff station only to find the Sheriff paralyzed and Lydia bleeding out on the ground. And let me just say, Malia looks concerned. She’s not just looking out for her own survival anymore. She is protecting her friends.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP LYDIA THOUGH? I am deeply, deeply concerned at this point?!?!

Lydia, while lying on the floor looking like death itself, actually tells Malia not to worry and gives her instructions — she has to convince Tracy that she’s awake.

Malia finds Tracy in the basement, and turns on her wolf mojo to give her the beatdown.

And then…!

Malia DOES IT.

Look how shocked and happy she is that she did it. She did it all on her own, she succeeded. She made Tracy human again, she woke her up. How could anyone not be proud of her? She. Did. It. She fought her instincts.

But just when things are looking normal and happy, Teen Wolf rips the rug of comfort out from under our feet.

The Dread Doctors have finally arrived to bring the meaning to their name. At the worst possible time.

They call her condition “terminal”, and end her life. This makes me so upset. I was just getting attached to Tracy’s character; I was just beginning to wonder about her family life and her hopes and dreams and her time at Beacon Hills and whether or not she would make friends with the pack. And then her life was cut short.

I have to give Shelley Hennig all the awards here, because her wordless acting was phenomenal. I could feel her pain here as she watched Tracy die, and it was a monumental moment for Malia’s character. She was finally able to see the humanity in death, to see the tragedy in the loss of a friend, and maybe find her own humanity in the process. The worst part is, Scott and Stiles might not even believe what happened since they were so convinced Malia was ready to kill Tracy — although I’m hoping they will.

Wow. What an image to leave this episode on.

Are you feeling as much pain and sadness as I am? Are you desperately hoping Lydia will make it to the next episode? Will there be loads more of the Teen Wolf ladies collectively kicking ass without any help from the guys?

Let’s hope we can all survive next week’s episode, entitled “Condition Terminal”. *Deep breaths*

Disclaimer: All Teen Wolf images belong to Jeff Davis and MTV, and are used here for criticism and analysis only.

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