The Legendary Women Podcast — Episode 2 — Disposable women with Morgan Glennon

Special Guest Morgan Glennon (of BuddyTV, Supergirl Radio, and The Legends of Tomorrow Podcast) joins Margaret and April for a sometimes meandering, sometimes focused conversation about television shows that fail their audience, mislead their audience, misread their audience and, of course, dispose of their women.

Links you might want:

Morgan Glennon on BuddyTV

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Morgan’s “Why Is TV Losing so Many Female Characters?

Supergirl Radio

The Legends of Tomorrow Podcast

Mentioned on this podcast:

“Ultimate Infographic Guide to Dead Lesbian Characters (Heather Hogan at Autostraddle)

“Sleepy Hollow Just Lost Any Faith Fans Had Left” (Vulture)

Fridge Death (TV Tropes)

Bury Your Gays (TV Tropes)

Sudden Downer Ending (TV Tropes)

Backdoor Pilots (TV Tropes)


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