Why the ‘WHY’ matters more than the ‘WHAT’ in Serverless!

Definition overload

The four wise WHYs

An ecosystem to grow with

Serverless ecosystem

Value ecosystem

Granular level service optimisation to perfect with

Lambda functions

SQS queues


Aids an iterative development culture to relish with

Iteration #1 — setup a custom event bus

Iteration #2 — send events to the bus

Iteration #3 — focus on the event

"version": "0",
"id": "0c90d427-dd5d-0f19-12cd-c90bb8ae53fd",
"detail-type": "event",
"source": "service-checkout",
"account": "1234567890",
"time": "2019-12-17T10:29:48Z",
"region": "eu-central-1",
"resources": [],
"detail": {
"metadata": {
"domain": "SHOP",
"service": "service-checkout",
"type": "ORDER",
"status": "SUBMITTED"
"data": {
"orderNumber": "T123123123",
"customerId": "23hdfjdf-34ff-34ghj",
"totalValue": 29.99,
"items": 5

Iteration #4 — setup event targets

Brings engineering diversity to cherish with


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