Sports Spotlight: Shana Fitzmaurice

Fitzmaurice shares where she started and what it means to be a college athlete

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Shana Fitzmaurice is a Spring Lake, New Jersey, resident and has been running for as long as she can remember.

But it wasn’t until she reached middle school that this activity turned into a passion.

Fitzmaurice has run competitively and made a name for herself at Ranney High School. She became the school’s first track athlete to place at both indoor and outdoor conference track championships. After her success in high school, Fitzmaurice got the opportunity to run at the collegiate level with Emory University in Georgia.

Emory XC/TF runner Shana Fitzmaurice (@shanafitzmaurice ) shares her history with running as well as what it means to be a college athlete on track and field. #collegeathlete #track #beach #running #highlight #LUComm197

Growing up in Spring Lake, the boardwalk was an easy route to run. Its easy accessibility and beautiful sceneries were two things that helped Fitzmaurice’s drive and love for the sport. In this video, you can see her running throughout the beach town, whether it’s on the roads or the boardwalk.

Nike has been an inspiration for my video-making. The way they showcase athletes and their stories has been something that I always look forward to seeing on social media. Recently, Nike posted a video on soccer player Marcus Rashford, which is the video that served as my main inspiration.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

I wanted to showcase Fitzmaurice’s routine: preparing, stretching and running. But not only does the video showcase her talents, the voiceover of her interview also sheds light on who she is. Similar to Nike’s social media video on Rashford, I interviewed Fitzmaurice. Throughout the video, she talks about how her journey began and when she decided to keep pushing further to achieve more.

Her interview highlights her and her journey, as well as what it means to be a college athlete. She talks about balancing her rigorous sports schedule with her academics and how many miles a college track runner must complete every week.

This week and last week, I learned the many ways of capturing and developing an engaging social media post. This was helpful in filming because I could capture details in videos that I otherwise would not.

Building off of last week’s assignment, I also included sequence shots of my subject running. Some parts were challenging, trying to use a new application, such as Davinci Resolve. I have always used iMovie in the past, however, after learning how to use Davinci successfully and efficiently, I feel comfortable producing quality content.




Lehigh University students interested in the art of mobile storytelling are gathering here to share their takeaways, reflections, discoveries and productions during the course of their work in journalism professor Matt Veto’s Comm197 Mobile and Social Media Storytelling class.

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