Surf’s Up in Spring Lake

When tasked with a still-life photoshoot assignment, I thought it would be simple, considering my love for taking photos. However, this was not the case.

Even though I take photos of my dogs and surroundings every day, I found it difficult to gain inspiration. The more I thought about what I wanted to take photos of and the aesthetic I wanted to achieve, the harder it was to come up with ideas.

I loved the photos my Instagram inspiration, Matt Inwood, shot. However, I found that my style was more light and happy than his dark and rustic look. I did use the natural light you can see throughout his photos, as well as shadows over my subjects, which you can view on my Instagram post.

Soon, I learned that thinking more about getting a good photo created a bigger struggle. The photos I took were spontaneous, and at the time, I was not trying to look for specific details. I love what I captured because they represent what home means to me.




Lehigh University students interested in the art of mobile storytelling are gathering here to share their takeaways, reflections, discoveries and productions during the course of their work in journalism professor Matt Veto’s Comm197 Mobile and Social Media Storytelling class.

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Allie Hite

Allie Hite

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