5 Ways Your Passover Seder Can Change the World

Passover, the spring holiday that celebrates the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery to freedom, begins Monday night, April 10. We are looking forward to our seders with friends and family. We’ll dig deep into Passover’s compelling themes to let all who are hungry come and eat and welcome the stranger.

Here are 5 ways you can make this Seder different from all other Seders.

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1) Give Together

Sitting with your friends and family, you might be compelled to take action!

Donate to a nonprofit that distributes food to people experiencing hunger or supports refugees. Leichtag Foundation will match your gift dollar for dollar up to $1,800 for each of these six organizations (until April 21st).

Give now and join our Passover challenge!

2) Welcome the Stranger

Use the HIAS Passover guide to lead a thoughtful conversation regarding refugees as part of your Passover experience.

3) Make Your Own Haggadah

DIY Seder!

Food justice, environmentalism, LGBTQ, Instagram-worthy, or traditional? How do you seder? Make your own custom Haggadah, draw inspiration, or search from other people’s creative visions at haggadot.com.

Watch this great video from our friends at Gefilteria.

4) How Do You #SederNorthCounty?

In San Diego, we’ve seen seders on the beach, in a park, on the farm, with interfaith organizations, and yes, traditional ones too. What are you doing differently this year? How do you seder? Use the hashtag #SederNorthCounty and show us what your Passover looks like in San Diego.

5) Next Year in Jerusalem!

Each Passover, from our Haggadot we recite the passage “next year in Jerusalem!” — which can mean the city or even an aspiration for a better future.

“Warde” art installation in Jerusalem

What does Jerusalem mean to you? What better future do you wish to make? What responsibility will you take?

Let us know how you did! Be sure to read our 2017 Passover recap. Chag same’ach, have a meaningful Passover, next year in Jerusalem!, and we hope to see you all soon.