Presenting the official competition of the Leiden International Film Festival — in music

An experiment in launching a film festival as a music album. First single launched today

For eleven years now, the Leiden International Film Festival has been highlighting the best and most inventive stories on film. As always, our competition will showcase the best and most creative new American independent cinema of the year.

Every year, we launch our competition before all other festival selections. This year, we decided to up our game and present our selection to you in a way that’s never been done before. By anyone. Ever!

We asked the incredibly talented musician Moon Moon Moon to watch all our competition films, and start writing music as soon as the credits started rolling.

Instead of serving as a mirror for the films, the music shows us the way the movies affected the artist. All music is still very Moon Moon Moon, but the films are all in there as well. Literally in some cases, as with our first single, in which samples of dialogue from the film can be heard.

We will release the album one month before the start of the festival. Today we launch our first single: Making a Living, based on our first competition film for 2016: Swiss Army Man.

You can find the track on Spotify and Soundcloud, or listen below. Make sure to follow us on Spotify as well, so you’ll be the first to listen to the entire album in one month.

About Swiss Army Man

Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a desert island and is just about ready to kill himself when he is disturbed in his efforts by a corpse that’s washed up on the shore. Much to his surprise, the corpse’s farts are powerful enough to propel him off the island and into nature. There, Hank and the corpse (who goes by Larry) become best friends, eager to live the most normal life imaginable. Swiss Army Man features Daniel Radcliffe’s least orthodox role to date and is an ode to life that has to be seen to be believed.

Swiss Army Man

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The eleventh edition of the Leiden International Film Festival will be from October 28 till November 6, 2016.