Why Educators Need Self Care

I’ve worked in education for over 20 years, but I didn’t start paying attention to my need for self care until around 2013, even though I didn’t recognize it as such at the time. In 2013 I had been working in higher education for my entire career, and I was ready, desperate actually, for a change in my job, in my life; but I didn’t understand why. I enjoyed the work I did, and I enjoyed the people I worked with. I loved my students, and…




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Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D.

Roshaunda D. Cade, Ph.D.

I’m owner and life writing coach at LELA House; lover of music, dance, nature and art; and founder of Sistahs on the Doctoral Journey (https://bit.ly/3gNMPPB)

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