College Students Spending More Money Despite Suffering Economy

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5 min readOct 29, 2020

Even though the economy is suffering from the effects of COVID-19, some college students are spending more money on unnecessary things, but they feel the government is not supplying them with enough.

Today Covid has affected a lot of things around the world. One of those things is money being short in the economy.

The effect in the United States is yet to be fully known. “The volatile conditions create an opportunity to protect against downside risk and increase income. COVID-19 will continue to affect the markets, but we should all collectively remain vigilant as we navigate through this period of uncertainty together,” said an article in Forbes.

Some college students have been suffering from these affects today. Many students are living on their own while being in college. These students are just beginning their adult life so they have to learn how to budget their money and more.

Joyidn Nelson is a Southeastern Louisiana University student who talked about her budgeting and how she spends her money.

“I spend a lot more money on food than I used to, and I spend a lot of money on clothes. I guess more food because I’m at home more. I feel before Covid when I had class and work, I really wasn’t eating as much. Now since I’m at home all the time it’s more groceries, doordash, grub hub, and getting pizza delivered. And I also have developed a shopping addiction, so when I have free time I like to get online and start ordering stuff. Fashion Nova is my best friend. I probably get more emails from fashion Nova then I get from school,” said Nelson.

These three pictures shows how much Nelson spends.
These three pictures shows how much Nelson spends.
These three pictures shows how much Nelson spends.

Some of these college students live in dorms but some live-in apartments not too far from campus. That means rent must be paid and priorities have to be in order. Situations like Covid-19 can help these college students prioritize.

Another student from Southeastern named Errol Raymond discussed the matter of spending and needing more money.

“I spent all my money on shoes and clothes. Especially in the Summertime when we were getting the unemployment benefits, but since they have cut it now, I’m not used to this broke lifestyle. I’m kind of struggling; I wish Trump would come out or stop stalling on the stimulus check because us college students need them. Even Though half of the stuff I don’t need, I just want it,” Raymond said.

Errol showing what he spends his money on when going in different stores.

“Lawmakers agreed to provide $1,200 in direct payments to taxpayers with incomes up to $75,000 per year before starting to phase out and ending altogether for those earning more than $99,000. Families would receive an additional $500 per child, in an attempt to create a safety net for those whose jobs and businesses are affected by the pandemic,” said in an article in NY Times . Some students lean on their parents for money when they run low, but if their parents are struggling too how are they going to get money?

A student named Terancia Sanders also made a statement about this.

“ I don’t like how they gave the stimulus only to our parents even though we are college students cause they really can’t help us out because they only can give our parents a certain amount of money to help themselves. Which leaves us broke! Then we have to get jobs, that we only can work part time which it’s not that much. I know it may sound selfish but if you’re a college student who has bills, a car and an apartment you need as much money as you can get. Then you’ll want to get things for yourself, just for self-appreciation. I really don’t think that’s overspending, but I guess the conditions we are in now we can just cut back until things get better,” said Sanders.

Sanders showing everything that she spends money on.

The government was also supplying unemployment checks when Covid-19 first started for those who couldn’t work.

Two college students named Diamond Gomez and Kaylor Coleman commented on the unemployment checks.

“I was getting checks from unemployment, but around July the checks stopped. Since I already had formed these habits; having to buy more food and clothes. I’ve had to go back to work and do school work. It gets overwhelming sometimes, especially when the teacher has due dates on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, when those are the main days I have to go to work,” commented Gomez.

Diamond trying to get some work done before she goes to work.

“Yes, I was getting unemployment checks too. Did you know that some countries are still funding their citizens, but no our government took it away not knowing what we needed that money for; especially us college students. Right now, I’m working two jobs because I know I have needs and wants. I personally don’t want to ask my parents for money because I know it’s hard for them too. So, with people saying college students spend too much money, yes, their right, but with Covid-19 conditions it only got worse due to the money they were giving us. I just want people, mainly adults to stop saying we’re not responsible because we spend money. I’m working two jobs and I am very responsible; I just feel they can make things better for us college students because we work hard too,” Coleman said.

Coleman showing the fact she works two jobs.

Irresponsible isn’t a word these students want the world to look at them as, they just feel that they need more help. Giving them money then taking it away they feel didn’t help. Many students report it just created a bigger problem, which is them spending money constantly. As a college student do you think you spend too much on unnecessary things?