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4 min readNov 17, 2020

In this generation with the different media platforms we have now, we don’t really realize the role that the media plays in our every day’s lives whereas it helps us focus on the importance of what is really going on in the world today.

Despite the fact that the legal system has positioned people’s minds to believing the media is an outlet to get caught doing illegal things.

If the media wasn’t what it is today , everyone in the world wouldn’t be able to keep up with what’s happening. The current news, trends, tips and etc. Media is an opening for continuous opportunities and odds.

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Mainly journalists put in hard work everyday within investigating and interviewing people to get their work done much like the police.

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However the media plays a good role in spreading effective and positive news but they also play a huge role in bringing the truth to the people about the injustice that is happening behind closed doors.

Without the media, many crimes would go unpunished.

The media unmask the corruption of people in power and those who don’t have much power. Their job is to unveil crimes, scandals and illegal affairs that are kept secret ,so they wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Journalists in every field have an important job. Everyone depends on them to tell the truth and disclose what is going on around the world, like politics.

In the films “Spotlight” and “All the President’s Men” it displays how significant the media is in the world. In both of the movies, the result of the cases had a big impact by the journalists who covered the cases. It showed what the media does in the world and what their job consists of and the roles they play.

The cover for the Spotlight film. Photo by: Spotlight — A movie about child abuse awareness | Child Advocacy Center

The journalists in “Spotlight” and “All the President’s Men” went the mile to secure the facts on all of those cases and it was a success. Since they committed so much to these cases, justice was served on both occasions.

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These two films were in the past so it’s only right to assume that in the journalism world today things have gotten better. The cases in these films are laid out perfectly to show how determined the journalist should be to find and show the truth. The people were satisfied with the truth and the journalists were satisfied with a job well done.

In my opinion if the journalist back then didn’t investigate these events, all the illegal doings and crimes that were happening would have still been going on and maybe would’ve gotten worse. If we didn’t have journalists the society would be in the dark and simply done wrong.

When looking at both films, I realized how much work has to be done when being a journalist .

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Those criminals in the cases were all public figures. If those journalists did not put forward the effort they did in these cases, many of those people in power would have continued to deceive and lie to us constantly, taking advantage of the society; when they look at them to do right.

Personally I feel that these public figures try to downplay the truth of the people in the media. They know the job of the media is to solely expose the things they do wrong and try to cover the truth about their lie.

Journalism is very imperative in the modern political stance in the United States. Society does look to the media to present the truth to them , so they would not be lied to and taken advantage of. This is a serious job and all journalists should be appreciated for the hard work they put forward to ensure the truth.