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Lemmings in Residence

Thomas Schranz
Feb 3, 2018 · 3 min read

[…] 95 percent of VCs add zero value.
I would bet that 70 to 80 percent add negative value […]

Vinod Khosla, Founder at Sun Microsystems

Advice is difficult. Especially in “Early Stage”.
Even good advice often causes more harm than good.

When you dare to try new things though it does help when you’re not alone.
It actually matters a lot who you hang out with.

What we found to work really well at Lemmings is to spend time among peers.
Among fellow makers who are curious about the world.

Makers who care about their craft.
Makers with ambition and humility.
Makers a bit further down the line.
Makers who have seen and experienced things.
Makers who are happy to share stories of their own journey.
Makers who are eager to explore context.
Makers who rather encourage than judge.

That’s why we put together a Lemmings in Residence program with exceptional makers who are kind enough to spend time with Lemmings from batches one to four during February, March and April.

We’re super excited to see what kind of things will come out of this.
Without further ado here we go …

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Agnes Aistleitner
Founder at Elephant / Teenah, Prix Ars Electronica, Global Shapers,
Economic Development in EMEA, DrRacket User, Tardigrade

Claudia Falkinger
Ars Electronica Curator “Artificial Intimacy”, SXSW Panel Coordinator, TEDxVienna Team-Lead, Austria2Austin Alumna, Lecturer at University of Vienna, Lemmings Lego Lecturer

David Pichsenmeister
Author Bot Trends, Organizer ChatbotConf, Founder oratio,
Founder MailPort, Board Member at The Tight Startup Foundation,
Bass Guitarist & Hardstyle Techno Enthusiast

Kaitlyn WonJung Chang
Head of Strategy & Innovation at Kobza and the Hungry Eyes, Founder at Sellvus, Managing Director at Samsung Group / Cheil Austria,
VP at Women of Vienna, Cathair Staubsauger

Larisa Stanescu
Founder at Girls n Code, Growth and WhatsApp at Kurier,
Data Science at s IT, Translator of Romanian Contemporary Literature,
Retro Arcade Operator

Lena Traninger
Digital Consultant at dgroup / Accenture, Business Development & Product at DealMatrix, Data Science & Machine Learning Philosopher,
Whiskey Smuggler, Crypto Coffee Donor

Martin Schürrer
Founder and Product at PSPDFKit, Founder at Letsannotate,
Founder at Öffnungszeiten App, Informatics at TU Wien,
Pasta Chef & Rice Cooker

Researchers in Residence

Ana Jeličić
Cognitive Science at University of Vienna, Indie Game Communities and Curation, Intersection of Art, Science and Technology, Game Jamer,
Teapot Collector

Ben Freundorfer
Founder at DataBriefing, Founder at FactBranch, Founder at Letsannotate, Physics at University of Vienna, Informatics at TU Wien,
Machine Learning & Autonomous Vehicles, Kayaker, Mars Colonialization Volunteer

Emanuele Capparelli
Founder and Product at Heroes.ai, Founder at BotCompany,
Visiting Researcher at MIT, International Moon Space Station Schemer

Federica Recanatini
Software Engineering & Product at Mr Peen, Software Engineering at Grape,
Dilophosaurus Rider, Otaku, Cybertwee Hacker

Ksenia Galkina
Quality Control at A1, Data Science and Agent-Based Predictive Modeling, Data Science and Research at Rudolfinerhaus, Bioinformatik at University of Vienna, Prefers to operate Light Switches via Raspberry Pi

Martina Schöggl
Exhibition Management and Curating at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Chairwoman at Sorority, Curator at Lemmings batch #3, Freelance Writer,
Part-time DJ and Rudolfscrime Gangster

Tanya San
Tech at TEDxVienna, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at NSTU, Women Tech Makers Vienna, CoderDojo Vienna, Google Developer Group, STEM Group Coordinator at Women in Vienna, Tamagotchi, Splatoon 2

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