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Thomas Schranz
Jun 25, 2017 · 2 min read

To lift a bit of the mystery surrounding Lemmings I thought it would make sense to write more about what actually happens during the course of a summer or winter batch.

In this post I’m trying to break the activities down into some of the program’s core ingredients …


We visit art exhibitions like the Ars Electronica Festival or Parallel Vienna and create (digital) art of our own.

In Summer 2016 we created over 100 different experiences on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and the Raspberry Pi.

Lemmings at Ars Electronica Festival 2016


We (learn to) write code to bring our concepts to life and deploy it so other people can play around with what we’ve created.

In Summer 2016 we created over 100 different experiences. Take a look at Artemis Artnapper, Dungeons & Dice & Paul just to name a few.

Dani, Eva and Bea at Hotel am Brillantengrund

(Artificial) Intelligence

We dig into into machine learning and artificial intelligence in general.
This ranges from understanding how it works to putting it into action.

In Summer 2016 we released a few messaging experiences backed by artificial intelligence including Getso, Artemis Artnapper and Moody.

Martin, Kira, Irene (from left to right) and Elixir Code


We use concepts like design thinking and prototyping to dive into a broad range of topics while trying to hold on to a beginner’s mindset.

In Summer 2016 we explored themes like gastronomy, travel, media, communication, impact, retail, music and games.

Carina, Larisa and Tanya at Marktwirschaft

Further Reading

Here are some impressions by Lemmings alumni from Summer 2016 …

Lemmings: fantastic chat-bots and where to find them
by Kira Zatsepina

3 lessons I learnt from the first chatbot incubator programme
by Natalie Korotaeva


Incubator focused on Art and Artificial Intelligence

Thomas Schranz

Written by

Founder at Blossom & Lemmings



Incubator focused on Art and Artificial Intelligence

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