BRB — Be Right Back Mode

What if we allowed ourselves and others the chance to be away?

In conversation with a friend with serendipitous themes we landed on the use of technology nowadays. A common coffee chat that always starts by looking around and noticing how many people are on their phones instead of talking with their friends and family right next to them.

Personally I’m still struggling to understand if it really has an impact on us: human beings and our meaningful relationships. For me it is clear that technology is an amplifier: it amplifies of the good things we do like being able to help a cause, reaching out to old friends, and also an amplifier of our fears, uncertainties, and a lot more.

I don’t think technology makes us worse human beings, I think it just exposes that we don’t have the right tools and education to deal with our emotions and relationships.

Confession: I’m dependent of my mobile, laptop, and wifi, but I’m also dependent on food, water, meeting new people, and playing games.

It all started with a tweet my friend read about missing the old days when we would used BRB and AFK as normal lingo of our day-to-day in chat based conversations. It meant we would be away for a bit and therefore people wouldn’t’ be expecting an answer for a while.

This is very far from our reality today where, right after sending a message we literally stare at arrows just to know that someone on the other side already read it and has now the responsibility to answer ASAP.

Searching the web it was easy to find many nostalgics posts, likes and emotional comments. We were not alone!

I’m now dreaming of the ubíquos functionality on my phone that would allow me to be 100% away.Imagine a BRB button!

In my case this will give me the freedom to be focused on a task, or playing with my nephews, delivering a talk, facilitating a meeting, doing my tennis practice, or simply enjoying nature or a nap: knowing that people will not be anxious for my answer time, because they would know I’m out in the world fully enjoying whatever I am doing.
Do not worry, it probably won’t take long ;)