Hire People, not talent.

Recruitment is one of the activities with bigger impact in the culture of an organisation. Tracking application systems; Fancy job roles (like: Ninja Talent); Employer experience paths; Flirtatious open events are some of the tools in place in order to win the race to the best “talent” nowadays.

What once were humans became Resources who turned into Capital, and now are seen as Talent. Guess what? Everyone claims they hire the best of the best only.

I have met so many people suffocated by their boxed talent description, that they actually became it and present themselves as if they are one:

“ Hello I’m John, Senior Staff at company XPTO”

It’s like a little trap that creates a fence on your backyard, not letting you travel the world. These fences are very clear in job descriptions! There is a scope for your tasks and other Talents will warn you if you even plan stepping their own backyard. 
You are constantly reminded not to think about sharing your failures and flaws, or else others will definitely take advantage to break down your fence.

I believe organisations are about much more than talent, capital, resources, job descriptions, fences or titles.

I believe in a world where organisations hire People, as a whole, with all their failures, talents, skills, fears, hobbies and interests.

I believe in Human Organisations where inspiring stories are told:

In one company I belonged to there was a group of running geeks, that profited long lunch hours to run. The group was created by a friend who usually runs trails and marathons. He loved to help and guide beginners to the practice, it was amazing to see the impact that he had in some many lives in the company.

I love public speaking and in all the organisations I have been I volunteered myself to start practice groups of presentations so that we could all grow our skills trough feedback. I had amazing experiences and created deep caring relationships.

In my perspective, talent and roles are replaceable, not People!
If someone leaves a Human Organisation you can always find someone to take over the job, but they will not be able to replace the relationships created and the stories lived and told.