Join us! The World needs more Lemons :)

If you believe…

Work should be meaningful for everyone.
Companies should value trust over control.
People can change, if they want to.
Autonomy is one of the main human motivators.
Offices should be designed for behaviours
You want to be part of a revolution to make work more humane!
…you should probably read the whole post and maybe work with us ;)

Why are we looking for someone?

We are 5 now ( Luis, Sofia, Pedro, Patricia, Leila) dividing our time between our 3 different services — People Growth, Culture Shifts, Office Design — both to the group of companies we are part of ( Mindera Group) and companies that trust us to help them create a better place to work

We all help each other on different projects and running the company, but Leila and Patricia have a primary focus on Office Design and Pedro and Sofia have a lot on their plate with Mindera Group.

That means we need someone to help us spread our purpose and find more companies willing to create a more human workplace.

How we define our services:
People Growth — We design learning and coaching practical experiences
Culture Shifts — We facilitate the change you want to see in your team and organisation
Office Design — We love to bring Office Spaces to life

Who are we looking for?

We have some ideas in mind, but all this can change if we find someone that we fall in love with ;)

Primary role

Facilitator — Regardless of the level of your skills, you should have a passion for facilitation and adult learning.

Some words that should make your eyes sparkle — Design thinking; Soft skills development; Coaching; Energisers; Organisational development.

Supporting Roles

Nurturing Relationships: LemonWorks is made of close relationships with clients and partners. Ideally you like to get to know new people, are very well organised to help the team keep track of all potential new projects and capable of motivating the team to achieve more every day.

Content Creation: Research, develop and share content on personal development and strategies to create a better place to work. You should believe that sharing is caring, and love to read and write ( or record ).

Everything is everyone’s job
LemonWorks is run by all of us so expect all kind of tasks to be part of your day: strategy thinking, assembling furniture, financials, cleaning the dishes, start new projects. We share all the exciting things that are part of owning a company according to our strengths, skills and development plan.
How is it to work with us?
ask us or sit with us in our Porto office for a day ;)

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