Living Offices | S02 E03 | Glazed

Porto, Portugal [PT version]

Office File

Company: Glazed
Location: Porto, Portugal
Total Area: 150m2
Year: 2011
Capacity: 20 people
Industry: Technology

Glazed — Elite Developers, resulted from the will to create a software development company focused on their developers.

Glazed has been focused on hiring, what they consider, the best developers in Porto, whilst resisting the trend of fast growth of other developing companies. They have created a swat team that creates solutions for technically complex projects.


At Glazed, all other roles such as Project Managers, Designers or Account Managers are there to support the Developers, and they only participate in the projects if they bring an added value to it. At Glazed they see themselves as a team with very low hierarchy, politics and “corporate fat”, and they believe this allows them to offer their developers salaries above market average, and great work environment and benefits.

They have created a work environment that, they believe, allows them to retain talent in a very competitive market. For this to happen they focus on more than extrinsic motivations: they value trust, responsibility, being surrounded by like minded people committed in sharing knowledge and do high quality work.

The Office

Glazed office space is located in the outskirts of Porto, in Maia.

Glazed is considered as a second home for the 15 people that work there everyday. Everyone is sitting together in the same open area in octogonal shaped desks. The interconnected layout of the desks allows for everyone to see each others faces very easily, making the idea of collaborative work self evident.

The kitchen area is also a relaxing zone, and gadgets and photos of Lionel Richie add informality, personality and common history to the place.

Meeting rooms

There is a big meeting room for projects meetings with clients or for the internal team. This room fits 6 to 8 people and the center table is made with the same concept as the octogonal desks.

There are two additional smaller rooms, with acoustic protection, for focused work or video/audio calls, or even when the music is playing a bit loud.

Kitchen and lounge area

The Kitchen is a multifunctional stage for different activities: mealtimes, play ping-pong and playstation, as a cinema room or concert hall. The team is small, so they easily get together for lunch, breakfast or snacks.The orange bench allows everyone to sit together, and many times they gather around to play and listen to guitar. This area is minimalist, but it has all the needed equipments for small meals, snacks or even to support events and parties.


Office Talk

“This office is genuinely Glazed, as it was designed purposely for our team and our values come through: as an example, the open space is collaborative and allows everyone to see each other in the eyes when we are in our work area.
At the same time we have a well defined lounge area that allows us to have fun along the way, and that is all part of Glazed culture.”
Luis Martinho
“We can work in the office or at home, and I prefer to work here due to the environment created. It’s awesome to work here, because the office really has a family atmosphere. The table we have in the kitchen area is enough for 12 people, but it can also be extended to allow for 20 people to sit. We play ping-pong and we have lunch using the same table! And on Fridays we all go out to have lunch together!” Miguel Quintas

All photos: André Henriques |

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