Living Offices | S02E05 | Wodify

Lisboa, Portugal [PT version]

Office File

Company: Wodify
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Total Area: 300 m2
Year: 2016
Capacity: 60
Industry: Technology


Wodify evidently invests in developing its culture with everyone’s involvment, through discussions, and dedicated events with the goal of streangthening team union. The results of this effort are visible, on the office walls and specially in every-day actions: “To live life to the fullest”

The environment fosters the desire to be trail blazers, looking ahead at a dreamy future without the fear of failure. At Wodify everyone is a priority and they love to work with inspiring people who make an effort to better themselves everyday.

There are three main concepts that help everyone move in the same direction:

be Bold be You — be confident enough to go beyond the set limits, fostering innovation and defying the status quo.

be Open Honest Helpful — have pride in helping and offering honest and constructive help, this helps foster team spirit.

Think like a Business Owner —Understand that every decision impacts the business and that everyone is responsible for looking after the passion and startup culture, while at the same time taking intelligence risks.

The Office

Wodify’s office has a surprise at every corner, divided in two floors. On the first floor we find the kitchen, meeting rooms, and a vertical garden. On the top floor there is an auditorium, working rooms, a eating area and focus work stations. The color and boldness of the decor are evident once you step in the door. A modern environment, fun, and energetic: this is Wodify’s office.

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Meeting Rooms

Colorful meeting rooms everywhere! For a 2, 4 of more people meeting, there are meeting rooms for every need. Big screens, for the skype calls, are a must in a company where people talk with colleagues from different offices everyday. In such an energetic company, sometimes more focused work is needed, and there are smaller rooms that allow for individual focused work.

Common Areas

Wood is the common element used in Wodify’s office decoration. Common areas are composed by a variety of different spaces, for example a long corridor with lockers where you can use a bike to get around (useful and cool, of course). On the top floor there is a small eating area for small breaks, chats, and resupplies. Decorated with personality and inspired by Lisbon’s downtown cobble stones. For propers meals, there is a full kitchen. The reception area is simple and conformable, with sweets waiting for us.

Work Areas

Here there is no open scape plan, instead there are small offices where people who work together in a project or department are seated. The choice of materials and products was thought out in detail in terms of design and ergonomics to allow for everyone´s well being while working.


This is the most versatile space at Wodify, it serves as a meeting room for general meetings, meet ups, casual work and a place to make a plank, a ritual for the teams, a 1 minute plank to activate blood flow, focus and good humour.


One of the main areas at Wodify, ifthis was MTV Cribs, this is the play we would say “this is where the magic happens!”. A video game area, swing, guitars and a set of drums expands the fun beyond eating. And talking about eating, there is a wall with cereals, chocolates, M&M’s available at the turn of a lever! There is also a beer dispensary, where all you need is a glass. Next to the fridge there is a wine chilling fridge, keeping wine at the ideal temperature to be enjoyed. Snacks and lunches are just an excuse for the teams at Wodify to share great moments here!


Office Talk

“It’s completely different than every other office I have worked at, we have access to everything: spaces to rest, and to have a quick break like play video games or fusebal. I really like my work station with big desks and anything we need to be productive, including writing on the walls.” Nélson Freitas

“This office is modern, the design and natural light are elements that differentiate it. The kitchen has immensely contributed to the wellbeing and the company’s culture, I have never been in a company where so many people ate together at breakfast, lunch and tea, and made a point of it.” Pedro Girão
“This office makes me happy to be here, the different areas, a lot of color, creative decoration, and the small rooms so I can focus when necessary. Different chairs and bean bags allow us to work in different moods.” David Marcusson

All photos: André Henriques |