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Marta Pinto
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Office File

Company: BOLD by Devoteam
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Total Area: 470m² (Torre A)+ 1400m2 (Torre B)
Year: 2009
Capacity: 350 people
Industry: Technology
Office Design:
Worx Architecture & Inception Architects

BOLD by Devoteam is a company focused on developing and delivering innovative technological solutions, through a combination of technological expertise, agility, creativity and design.

Founded in Portugal in 2009, BOLD by Devoteam has offices in Aveiro, Lisbon and Porto and extensive experience in national and international market, represented by more than 700 collaborators. Among them is Diamond, our Creative Technology team, that integrates an international community with the same name.

In 2018, BOLD was integrated in the multinational Devoteam group, leader in the digital transformation of big companies in the EMEA market, with a turnover of €650M.

The company’s mission is to develop the most innovative solutions for each business, creating value through a combination of technological competence, agility, creativity and design, in a world where Technology is made for People.

The office

Over the last 10 years BOLD’s offices have grown to welcome new collaborators. In Lisbon, between the Tower Fernão Magalhães and the Tower Zen, the company has several work rooms each with the special touch of the teams!

To facilitate contact between the various teams, each office has a lounge with an eating area (accessible to everyone, independent of the project thy are working on) and several meeting rooms, smaller ones for meetings 1x1 and others for larger groups.

The work areas are organised in open space, with islands of 8 to 12 people. With the aim of creating a quite environment without too much noise, the company chose to create several work areas (with capacity for 20 to 40 people) separated by glass-plans or meeting rooms.

Each team has the freedom to personalize their working space and desk. During our visit to the office it was easy to understand there were fans of Star Wars, ping pong, Angry Birds, billiards, among others.


The environment lived at BOLD by Devoteam is a mix of closeness, relaxation and responsibility. Everyone is proud of the quality and relevance of the work they do, which creates a spirit of unity that influences those who come to know the company.


Each office has a different environment. There are rooms with vertical gardens, other with blue and yellow walls, there are darker rooms with a discreet lighting, other with big windows with a view to the Tejo river… The diversity of areas in the office are one of the aspects most valued by those who work there. Each one has the freedom to look for the space most adequate to their personality.

And because a developer’s day isn’t just sitting in front of a computer, BOLD has been investing in small meeting spaces that can be used for more private conversations or moments of focused individual work.

Team Work

Working in a team and with the client means having several meetings everyday. In the various offices we visited there are several meeting rooms, with different purposes and dimensions. Between rooms with a starry ceiling and small cabins for interviews, there are many options!

In the offices in the Tower Fernão Magalhães, each room has the name of a female personality who stood out in her professional career and left a mark in our world.


For collaborators, these offices are much more than a place to work. It is in the lounge and eating areas that everyone gets together for coffee in the middle of the morning, or at the end of the day to play a game of billiards and drink a beer.

The new auditorium of BOLD is also used for external events, such as meetups or team parties.

For presentations or trainings more extended, there is a small auditorium that can be organized according to the type of activity planned.

When it is not being used for training, this room transforms into a soccer field where everyone has the opportunity to show their talent!

Eating Area

In all eating areas there is fruit, water, snacks available for everyone. As there are more and more who choose to have lunch at the company, there are several eating zones with microwaves.

Game Area

For the fans of billiards, ping pong, playstation and virtual reality, virtual, there won’t lack conditions to organize tournaments and meet new faces that arrive to the teams.

Architectural Plans of Tower Fernão Magalhães

Sounds of the office

“I like the many spaces we have to work without being on a desk. We easily grab a laptop and sit anywhere. It’s good to have the freedom to work in a more relaxed way.”

“This office was thought as a house for us. We didn’t rent the house, we had the privilege of building the house, and that made all the difference.”
Filipa Gonçalves

“I like to join others for a match of snooker, cards or playstation… the office view is one of the things I like the most, in any place we have natural light which makes everything more pleasant.”
João Machado

“My day-to-day is spent between videoconferences, team meetings and interviews. At BOLD we have spaces available for each of these activities which facilitates our work. In addition we have several spaces to relax or to concentrate on our tasks. It is common to have music in the office, we have a system that allows you to add songs to a playlist, we have a very lively environment!”
Gonçalo Moura

“It’s rare to see me sitting in a chair! I’m always walking around near the teams to give them all the support they need. As I have the facility to work in any place, I can take advantage of the various spaces of the offices: meeting rooms, eating areas, sofas, puff’s … Working with so many different people is challenging but also very rewarding.”
Inês Ferro

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