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Premium Minds is a portuguese software house that has specialized in developing innovative applications for both web and mobile devices. Currently it has over 100 people working in multidisciplinary teams, according to agile methodologies, for clients in Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland and USA.

It is a Digital Knights approved partner, placing it among the 7% of software houses in the world that meet its stringent technical quality criteria. It was considered one of the 15 best companies to work for in Portugal by Exame magazine in 2018.

Office File

Company: Premium Minds
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Total Area: 1125 m2
Year: 2017
Capacity: 114 people
Industry: Technology
Office Design:
BOOST — Architecture Studio


Premium Minds culture is based on respect and full complicity, in a company that privileges ideas and actions rather than hierarchy. The practical and problem-solving sense is visible in the office environment in the ease with which solutions are being implemented to improve customer and business projects in various areas of the office.

People can be themselves, fun, shy or focused, after all, all the elements that make up a company with more than 100 people.

The Office

In 2017 Premium Minds moved its premises and decided to stay in Lisbon’s city center, allowing its collaborators an easy access and an integrated life.

There is a feeling of belonging, the office designed is thought so that different spaces convey different functionalities and decorated with details that create the feeling of “home”.

The office is divided into 2 great areas, one with meeting rooms and communal spaces, and another with work areas for teams.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms of different sizes and the doors have names and decoration of old games (space invaders, tetris, pacman …). The rooms for their execution allowed different uses, from activity meetings to brainstorming.

Some areas are for quick meetings near the work rooms. Whether it’s just two armchairs or a standing table and high stools, these spaces extend the flexibility of everyday needs, like a phone call or a 1-to-1 conversation.

Work Areas

There is no open space workspace here, but small offices where teams are clustered. The rooms bring together the people who work on a project creating a micro office with its own environment and the layout adapted to their needs.

Although segregated all these rooms have large glass surfaces that reflect the transparency of Premium Minds and at the same time serve as giant whiteboards for meetings and project planning.


The kitchen and pantry, overlooking the Cinco de Outubro Avenue, are the most multifunctional area of the entire office. Clearly this space is not limited to a dining area, it can easily be transformed for training, company-wide meetings, jam sessions with the different instruments we find around the office, small meetings or sit relaxed on the windowsill. It is the meeting point of the office!

Common Areas

In addition to the pantry area, there are other smaller spaces that allow you to create different environments, such as a room where you can only go barefoot to read a book, meditate or simply rest. There is also a lounge with a games and ping pong machine, a massage room and even a shower for those who play sports during the day.

Creative Day

A very interesting element of the Premium Minds culture is the creative day that takes place every month in the office, to spark the imagination. Without any pretense beyond experimentation, learning and fun, but in fact with results that imply ideas for new projects, and what we like small (big) office hacks.

A red button that registers the last ten seconds of ping pong (to recall that spectacular move), a wall with photos from childhood and a shared car management system are some of the projects that make this office unique and premium.

Architectural Plan

Sounds of the Office

“It’s great to be in the pantry area with giant windows and a view of the street. I love to arrive in the morning and walk the corridor and greet all the teams”

Gonçalo Dumiense

“It’s OK! it’s a very important phrase for us at Premium Minds. It’s OK to take the computer and go to work anywhere, it’s OK to question and change things. This is what makes our office genuine.”

Sara Rua

“ I have a lot of energy and I like to come to the pantry and start conversations with different people or make faces at those who are play ping pong. It’s also good to enjoy the zen room when I want to have a quieter moment”.

Tânia Vieira

All photos by: André Henriques |

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If life gives you lemons… LemonWorks. We are all about acidity of organisations!

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