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Oliveira of Azemeis, Portugal [Go to PT version]

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LOBA — Customer Experience Design, is inspired by the “customer experience” philosophy, to provide excellent experiences, with positivity, innovation and confidence.

They create a dedicated partnership with each client and supplier, that allows them to develop the best solutions to promote projects success.

With a history of more than 19 years and a demanding and talented LOBATIC team !

At LOBA’s office the feeling is that of having just entered a very familiar environment where everyone feels at home and is happy to take care of it.

In the renovation of the space, which was once a bar, the industrial aspect of the design is filled with color from everyone’s decoration. They are appropriating the space with various elements of their projects history, more recent or older projects, as well as the playfulness that marks what it is to be a LOBATIC.

Office File

Company: LOBA
Location: Oliveira of Azemeis, Portugal
Total Area: 400m2
Year: 2017
Capacity: 50 people
Industry: Technology
Office Design:
R Arquitectos

Work Space

Work desks flowing throughout the office add to the closeness and ease with which everyone embraces team projects. Sharing and creativity in the way teams work with each other come as easy as breathing, and the space enhances these get-together and moments.

The space was intentionally designed without offices and with transparency in all spaces, as a reflection of the company co-creation culture for everyone.

Meeting Rooms

While much of the team interactions happen at the desks, the office has different areas where we can have more formal meetings, quick conversations, or even carefully designed spaces for more focused work or for answering calls.

The balcony offers a spectacular view of the city to inspire a conversation or enhance the work environment into a more creative perspective.


This is a space designed with versatility in mind. It’s very important for snacks time, but it’s also a great space for relaxing moments and conversation.

The pantry has basic foods always available with a very special feature. As a reminder of the importance of LOBA being made by everyone, every week a team is tasked to bring in the “extra”, which can range from homemade cake, jams or cod fish “pataniscas”.

The space has a kind of complete bench that creates a near auditorium configuration for company meetings and learning sessions, including remotely other Portuguese offices.

The feeling of helping each other is very strong, and everyone asks colleagues if something is needed before they leave.

The balcony that surrounds the office is also a stage for LOBA parties and more relaxed moments.

Architectural Plan

Sounds of the office

“Open space allows you to easily talk to everyone and build relationships easily. The view and natural light we have is spectacular.”

Emídio Vidal

“It’s great that we can all be part of the change of the spaces to meet our needs. The office is like our home and we are all very much at ease, allowing us to be more productive as well as fun.”

Diana Melo

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Lemon Works

If life gives you lemons… LemonWorks. We are all about acidity of organisations!

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