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Marta Pinto
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Famalicão, Portugal [PT Version]

Office File

Location: Famalicão, Portugal
Total Area: 900m²
Year: 2009
Capacity: 37 people
Industry: Information Technology
Office Design:

The portuguese company PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is a world reference in the development and manufacturing of multimedia kiosks, self-service equipment, digital mupis, interactive tables and other digital solutions for all type of sectors and industries.

With over 19 years of experience, the company has produced more than 12500 units, for about 35 countries. The mission of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is to develop consumer-oriented products and services, and contribute to technological and industrial innovation. For this, they have created technological tools capable of streamlining individual tasks.

The company’s engineers and designers look for technologically innovative solutions with specific focus on design, usability and ergonomics. They develop kiosks, mupis and digital signage (hardware and software) that may maximize the return of investment of their customers.

In 2018 a PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS was considered one of the best companies to work in Portugal and, because of that, we went to see their office and the factory where the products are assembled.

As soon as we entered PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, we quickly understood that the environment is relaxed and that everyone likes to receive visitors. Although teams are distributed over several rooms, the doors are always open and everyone freely walks around the office.

There are several spaces where collaborators can chat, drink a coffee or play a game of table tennis, there is music in almost all areas and even a space with a mixer for whomever dares to be the DJ of the day. As almost all the rooms have glass walls, the teams can keep visual contact, contributing to build feelings unity.

The Office

The office of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is divided into two floors. On the first floor is the reception, eating area, game zone, two meeting rooms, two work rooms and the showroom exhibiting several products of the company. This floor also has an area for events with a small stage used for talks.

On the second floor there is a second showroom that means to show the contribution of the company’s products in restaurant spaces. In addition to this space being used by all collaborators, there are two other work rooms, an office and a meeting room.

In each work room, the teams organize themselves in islands and have total freedom to personalize the space. This makes each room different, and in some cases a simpler and quieter environment, in others there are more papers on the tables and spaces where collaborators need to be making constant calls.

The colors and branding of the company appear a bit throughout the office in walls or decorative elements.


In the central hall of the office, there is a showroom with some products of the company. Although PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has more than a 100 standard models, this showroom shows only a few models of various categories. In this space, the customers have the opportunity of interacting with the kiosks and make the necessary adaptations, as each model can be altered according to the goal of each customer.

On the first floor was developed a live showroom that recreates a cafeteria environment. There are interactive screens to register requests, and wall screens showing the available menus. This allows customers in the restaurant area to have a very realistic view of the products and test the functions available.

In addition to working as a showroom, this cafeteria is used by all collaborators during coffee or snack breaks .

Meeting Areas

The cable cars, used as meeting rooms, are the most iconic elements of the office. These cabines exist in each floor, one is red and has a table to put the computer or a notebook, the other one is white and only has benches on the sides.

Since the office only has three meeting rooms, these spaces are central for collaborators to have a short talk or receive a phone call without having to occupy a meeting room.

The Breaktalks space is used to make events such as meetup’s or talks.

For meetings with larger groups, there are two meeting rooms equipped with screens and other technological supports that allow to make presentations and videoconferences.


Next to the reception there is an eating area with a long table where all get together for lunch. There is always fresh fruit, water, coffee and snacks for work breaks.

This space was personalised with elements such as boards, hats and posters with tips for collaborators. In addition to the eating area, there is a video game area.

Games Area

When we ask what is the space everyone likes to get together, everyone talks about the ping pong table and the championships during lunch hour!

It is in this zone that the bravest show their talent in ping pong and darts, while bench coaches give their bet guesses.

Kodawari is a book created by collaborators that outlines the whole culture of the company.

It is here that are kept the memories of internal events, dinners and social good events in which everyone had the opportunity to participate.


In addition to the space where PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offices operate, we also visited the factory where the kiosks are prepared. This pavilion is divided into several zones: administration, parts area, warehouse and assembly area.

To facilitate the connection between the various areas, collaborators move around in scooters, which allows to go easy on the legs and save assembly time of each product.


Office Sounds

“I have worked in other companies and what i most like inPARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS is our joyful environment. We have freedom to create our own routine, our breaks and our moments of focus. We all like to work together and organize several get togethers.”
Cândida Antunes

“I like the comfort with which we work in this office. As space is open, from my seat I can see almost everybody. As I spend many hours in front of the computer, for me it’s important to have good lighting and here we have that.” Jóni Lopes

All photos by: André Henriques |

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