Receive money in Canada from Nigeria with Lemonade Finance

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2 min readOct 2, 2021


Receive money from Nigeria in Canada with Lemonade Finance

In another step towards easy diaspora banking — we have just made receiving money in Canada from Nigeria super easy!

People in Canada can now receive money from Nigeria into their Lemonade Finance wallet within minutes via a unique virtual bank account.

Nigerian students studying in Canada can now easily receive tuition fees or stipends from family and friends back home.

Women and men living in the Canadian diaspora with businesses in Nigeria can receive payments easily right in Canada with this new feature.

One can also send money directly to Canadian bank accounts INSTANTLY via Interac payout. It reflects in any Canadian bank instantly, with no delays.

All of these, for FREE!

Here’s how it works

Receiving Money from Nigeria:

  • Log in to the app & create an NGN wallet
  • Click on ‘Add Funds’ on the newly created NGN wallet
  • A virtual bank account is generated for you
  • Copy the virtual bank account and transfer money into it via your Nigerian bank app.
  • Value reflects in your Lemonade NGN wallet under 5 minutes
Receiving Naira in Canada through Lemonade

Sending to Canadian Bank through Interac payout:

  • Click on the ‘Send Money” button
  • Then ensure you’re sending from your NGN wallet to CAD
  • Enter the Interac email address you’re sending to
  • Click on ‘Send Money’ after reviewing details on the transaction
  • Copy the ‘Security Answer’ displayed on the app
  • Check your email inbox, text messages, bank or credit union app, and follow the instructions to log in to your account and enter the security answer to accept the transfer.
  • If you have auto-deposit on, you won’t need the security answer
Sending money through Interac payout on Lemonade

Give this feature a spin by signing up on Lemonade today. It sure does work like MAGIC.

Download and sign up on the app here — Visit App

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Another step towards easy diaspora banking — receive money from around the world, starting from Nigeria.

We hope you have an awesome experience using this new feature!