Joining the plastic-free movement

It all started when I heard Jonathan talk on the VWPA podcast. (Btw, if you don’t know about these two, please check them out, they are awesome).

I’ve been trying to reduce my waste and impact on the planet, for more than a year. After hearing stories such as #trashisfortossers and getting involved with climate changes issues, I started making some changes.

First, I decided to only buy groceries at LPG — a 100% organic supermarket in Berlin that cares where their food comes from. You pay a monthly fee to help them support local producers.

I’ve also started consuming less in general. Being more mindful about my choices. That’s when I entered the world of organic, vegan, and sustainable clothing.

However, although I recycled and tried to go packaging-free with most items, I’m still far from being waste-free. When I heard Jonathan’s interview, something clicked. For good.

Which brings me here, and to this video:

I discovered this project through Beth Terry’s book — Plastic-free — and I can’t describe how incredibly powerless and sad I felt after seeing this. And ashamed.

So, I’ve decided to change dramatically. From this month on, I’ll try to reduce packaging as much as possible and try to go 90% plastic-free (in new purchases). I’ll start with a budget of 4 packaged items per week, and try to reduce further as I go on.

A big part of it is food packaging but also cleaning products, make-up, body lotions… Our addiction to plastic is so overwelming that the list seems to go on foverer. But the good news is: it’s definitely possible. It’s something I do have the power to change. It’s in my hands.

And as a vegan, if it wasn’t for anything else, it would be for this:

“My initial motivation for getting off my plastic diet was concern for the well-being of animals. I couldn’t stand that products we used and tossed for the sake of convenience were causing harm to other creatures.” — Betty Terry

So if you are curious as to what this means, feel free to reach out, ask any questions and follow the next posts. I’ll make sure to report all my learnings here and here.

Love, Inês