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Community Update

30 November 2021

The Lendefi Protocol has been deployed on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and preparation for public release is still underway.

Deployment documentation and testing has been completed. One bug has been identified.

Chainsulting is stepping in to resolve the remaining bug and provide another independent round of testing and security checks to ensure all industry best practices are followed.

Prior to the public release the Lendefi team are taking all necessary steps to ensure funds are SAFU, when the product is able to be freely used by the public.

In anticipation of next month’s public Mainnet, Lendefi has launched their new website deployed on the Unstoppable StackOS.

Lendefi.finance is now Unstoppable!

The Lendefi protocol will deliver leveraged trading and secured lending to cryptocurrency markets. Utilizing an undercollateralized loan model, Lendefi facilitates a trustless relationship between lenders and borrowers, managed by the protocol to remove counterparty risk.

For further information please join our global Telegram group, visit our website, join our Twitter feed or inspect our GitBook documentation.



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