Lendefi is launching a liquidity mining program to reward LDFI /ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap V2.

Lendefi Protocol
Jan 31 · 2 min read

💰 $10,000 ( worth of LDFI ) per month as rewards. The Rewards Program goes for 90 days.

More details:

You can earn a share of $10,000 ( worth of LDFI ) per month depending on how much you contribute to the pool. These rewards are in addition to the normal 0.3% fee liquidity providers automatically get from Uniswap trades on the trading pairs they provide liquidity to.

In order to participate, you just have to whitelist your address ( form is given below ) and add liquidity to LDFI Uniswap trading pair.

To participate you must provide liquidity for at least 30 days.

The minimum liquidity you must provide to be eligible for the program is 0.5 ETH and LDFI (0.5 ETH worth).

The Rewards Program goes for 90 days.

Each qualifier splits the reward pool among all qualifiers evenly by percentage of the pool.

If you remove liquidity at any point, your previous liquidity is disqualified.

Basically, we take any qualifying Liquidity Providers at the end of the period and split up the pool among them.

Step-by-step instructions

✅ Start whitelisting your address by clicking this link- https://forms.gle/qnbMCmwdt8hZp7vc6

✅ Once submitted, visit LDFI liquidity page on Uniswap here https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0x5479d565e549f3ecdbde4ab836d02d86e0d6a8c7/ETH

✅ Input the number of LDFI you want to provide to the liquidity pool.

✅ Confirm the liquidity by clicking “Approve LDFI ” and accept the transaction using Metamask. Use a medium to high gas fee. The transaction may take some time due to possible network congestion.

✅ Once the transaction is confirmed, click “Supply” and accept the transaction using Metamask. Use a medium to high gas fee.

Please read below articles for more information:


The Lendefi protocol will deliver leveraged trading and secured lending for cryptocurrency markets. Utilizing an undercollateralized loan model, Lendefi facilitates a trustless relationship between lender and borrower, managed by the protocol to remove counterparty risk.

For further information please join our global Telegram group, visit our website, join our Twitter feed or inspect our Gitbook documentation.


Leveraged trading via secured undercollateralized loans.

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