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Lendefi Whitepaper & Roadmap Update

Dear Community,

You’ve been patiently waiting, asking, hoping, and finally the time has come!

We, your Lendefi community peers, are very excited to publish our community’s updated whitepaper and roadmap!

As you can see from the updated roadmap above, a tremendous amount of work has been accomplished so far in 2021 and there is still more to check off of the list in Q4 2021:

- Pilot Governance Launch (i.e. Pilot DAO) — In progress
- Mainnet Launch — In progress
- Staking/Farming Launch — Post Mainnet Launch
- Referral Program Launch — Post Mainnet Launch

What’s Changed?

The Whitepaper changes include:
- Token economics
- Definition of transaction fees
- Holding reward distributions
- Roadmap steps & design

The updated Roadmap includes rescheduling:

- Beta launch to Q3 of 2021
- Mainnet Launch and staking to Q4 of 2021.

Also some new amazing points were added to the roadmap such as:

- Referral program bounty
- Leveraged farming
- Advanced trade management

Moreover, we defined a list of activities for 2022 and wrapped all of this into a wonderful design.

Your Community

We have huge items on our list as a community for the rest of 2021 and the team is working incredibly hard. Want to get more involved with YOUR project?

There is still time to join Lendefi’s Pilot DAO; please see our Medium article, Lendefi “Pilot” DAO, for an overview of our DAO and a link to the application form.

In the coming days, we will be giving updates on the next big ticket time, Lendefi’s Mainnet Launch!!

The Future of DeFi Is Here


The Lendefi protocol will deliver leveraged trading and secured lending to cryptocurrency markets. Utilizing an undercollateralized loan model, Lendefi facilitates a trustless relationship between lender and borrower, managed by the protocol to remove counterparty risk.

For further information please join our global Telegram group, visit our website, join our Twitter feed or inspect our GitBook documentation.




Lendefi’s innovative protocol delivers leveraged trading via secured undercollateralized loans.

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Lendefi Protocol

Lendefi Protocol

Lendefi is an innovative DeFi platform that delivers leveraged trading via secured undercollateralized loans.

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