This Month at Lendefi: February Highlights

Lendefi Protocol
Mar 1 · 3 min read

With another month almost in the bag, it’s time to recap the latest developments within the Lendefi ecosystem. 2021 might be scarcely two months old, but already it’s shaping up to be a great year for defi, and a particularly good year for Lendefi.

Here’s a reprise of what’s been happening in our world and within the broader Lendefi community during February…

Lendefi Does the Global DeFi Congress in Dubai

In February, members of the Lendefi team attended the Global DeFi Congress, where we were overwhelmed by the response from everyone we met, many of whom savored our vision of the future of crypto lending. At the conference, Lendefi CFO David Vincent gave a talk on using undercollateralized secured loans to buy crypto assets which were well received by delegates.

While we were at the event, we also had the opportunity to meet some valuable prospective partners and teams we intend to collaborate with. A number of strategic partnerships are now in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing full details very soon.

Crypto conferences have been forced to take a hiatus over the past 12 months in favor of their virtual counterparts, so it was great to have a chance to stretch our legs and meet the crypto community IRL instead of from behind a screen. Expect to see the Lendefi team appearing at a bunch of other key defi conferences this year as 2021 kicks into gear.

Lendefi Partners With MahaDAO

In February, we also inked a deal with MahaDAO to support ARTH, the world’s first valuecoin.

Thanks to the partnership, ARTH will be available on the Lendefi protocol, allowing it to be utilized for lending and borrowing. Unlike fiat currencies and their stablecoin surrogates, MahaDAO’s valuecoin is designed to maintain its purchasing power over time. This means that the same amount of ARTH will always be exchangeable for goods and services in the future. As a result, defi users can hold ARTH in the knowledge that its value won’t steadily depreciate like fiat.

The MahaDAO partnership will work to the benefit of all parties, introducing Lendefi to Maha’s crypto-collateralization and valuecoin issuance protocol, while onboarding their active community to the Lendefi protocol.

Scott Schulz Becomes New CEO

And how could we forget February’s other big news in Lendefi land: Scott Schulz became our new CEO, taking over from Robin Dey. Scott will lead future growth, technical development, and user onboarding to the Lendefi protocol, while serving as an ambassador not only for Lendefi, but for defi as a whole. Expect to see Scott and other members of the Lendefi team at various crypto conferences this year.

Scott’s appointment arrives at a pivotal point in Lendefi’s evolution, as we apply the finishing touches to our decentralized lending protocol. While we finalize development, we’re also in the process of advanced discussions with a number of exchanges and will have some positive news to share on that front soon.

March is shaping up to be another action-packed month for Lendefi. Stay tuned to our social channels and stick with us on this journey. Rest assured: the best is yet to come.

The Lendefi protocol will deliver leveraged trading and secured lending for cryptocurrency markets. Utilizing an undercollateralized loan model, Lendefi facilitates a trustless relationship between lender and borrower, managed by the protocol to remove counterparty risk.

For further information please join our global Telegram group, visit our website, join our Twitter feed or inspect our Gitbook documentation.

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