5 reasons why you will love this new app Lendor

An app for Library of Things, Airbnb for everything else. You can now rent your stuff out on the platform while embarking on a journey of collaborative consumption by renting things you need to use on a short term from others.

Slated for beta launch at the End of Mar 2017
  1. You can instantly make some extra cash

Take a look around your house and you will realize how much stuff you’ve got that are probably just lying around. If not, go to your storeroom and start working on some de-cluttering. While most stuff you want to get rid falls into the the snap post and sell category, there are some segment of items that you might need it sometime down the road and may also totally lend out to make some money! No need to make any additional investment, just snap list and lend it! Here are some suggestions.

a) Your sporting gears — Perhaps it is your tennis racket, or a semi-professional cue stick. They spend 90+ % of their life time sitting in your room.

b) Toolbox and Driller — Have a handyman in your home such as your dad or husband? You probably will have these in your store room. Someone could need it!

c) Video games & Console — Your Playstation 4 could be like mine collecting dust as I just don’t have time for it! Someone could lend it from you for a weekend party, or just wanting to try out a game before loaning. How about some board games for your party?

My collection of board game sitting around because no one wants to play with me :(

d) Winter essentials — Your coats, gloves, ski goggles which you use once a year is going to decompose in store and why not let someone benefit from it!

d) and many more…!

2. You can meet new friends and neighbours

Lending is sharing and we encourage both parties to put in a conscientious effort to take care of the items. As a Lendor (Item owner), it is your duty to lend an item that is in good if not excellent working condition and for Lendee (A person requesting the loan) to return the item as close as its original condition as possible. In doing so, you are going to meet people and regular lenders just like you do when you run a rental business. This can help build a community of trusts among those who you lend your items to and also similar Lendors like yourself. Best part of all, we have a robust review system that will help you pick who to lend your wares to!

A robust review system that will help build a community of trusts and reputation

3. Create more living space for yourself

To the ratio of 1 : 22

There are some big items in your house that can really free up space in your home. You can put them for sale on an online marketplace but you kinda still want to own it in case you need it! In a UK Survey on The Circular Economy, a 10 year old owns 238 toys and can only play with 12 at any one time. I remember once my mum had a cast on her leg because of a hairline fracture. The doctor said she will need to be in cast for 6 weeks. For her to get around on a wheelchair would have been helpful and a new one would have costed us $250 which we know would just stay around in our house. How we hoped then we could rent one for a period of 6 weeks and certainly be willing to pay! I am almost certain that there is a wheelchair sitting around in somebody’s home around our vicinity somewhere!

“A 10 year old owns 238 toys and can only play with 12 at any one time” — The Circular Economy, Andrea Bell, WGSN.com

4. You can save a ton of money

My family’s stash of winter cloths and luggages and travel essentials. I am so going to get rid of all these and Lendor my next winter travels.

Now this is a real deal breaker. Sure it feels great to buy a new item, own it and use it for the first time, then second time plus a couple of times more. But let’s face it, the excitement disappears faster than it takes for your dopamine to react. In a land scarce city like Singapore where our homes are getting smaller, sometimes we buy stuff without considering its storage cost. Say you got a thick winter jacket that is going to cost you $200 for a 2 week Europe trip you take once every 2 years. Now you can lend it from someone at $3 a day costing you $42. Plus the dry cleaning it would have cost roughly about only $65. That is $135 of savings less the worry to store those bulky winter clothings! Sure it is still more worth it to buy if you are a frequent traveler, if not you need 8 years to make your purchase all worth it!

5. It is just so easy to use

When we designed Lendor, we want to provide the best user experience for our users. We wanted users to be able to associate with our app in the shortest period of time. So here is what you can expect :

a) Chats & Communications — Just like any other chat applications like Whatsapp, Line

b) Calendar Management — Airbnb / Hotel / Flight ticket sites & app

c) Marketplace navigation — Carousell styled

d) Item status management — Grab & Uber Driver app


Lendor is slated for full beta launch at the end of March 2017 with 500 library of items and please contribute to the list! Most importantly, have fun!