Lendor — A Revolutionary App for Library of Things (Press & Media Kit)

Wei Zhang Chuan
Jul 2, 2017 · Unlisted

SINGAPORE, 3 July 2017 — Lendor is a homegrown peer to peer mobile app for library of things and was recently launched with over 2700+ items in its marketplace.

Consumerism and over-consumption has led to environment degradation while people living in a dense cities like Singapore are faced with cluttering in their homes from owning too many things.

Lendor’s vision is to help people take back their living space and give them an alternative in consumerism while not compromising their right to use quality products.

From this (left) to this (right).

The solution it proposed is the embracing of sharing & circular economy (or Kampung Spirit in local context), one where people living near each other can share their library of things with one another through a vibrant rental marketplace. The app is built to facilitate the formation of communities where transactions can take place in a safe and hassle-free environment.

Promotional Video

How it works?

Similar to Airbnb, users will search for an item he needs, the period in which he needs it, and look for one that is closest to him.

The user will then place an order before proceeding to transact with the user. The transaction forms an e-contract between both parties with each step of the transaction recorded down in the app. A ratings and reviews is mandated at the end of the transaction and a layer of trustworthiness is added to the users.

For item owners, one can simply snap and list any item in their home to share it with their neighbours either for free or at a token price.

Lendor allows user to lend out their items out of good will, or meaning it will be loan out for free to your neighbours who need them. Popular items include healthcare items such as wheelchair and clutches.

Making it safe and trustworthy

The Lendor app is designed to help users overcome the fear of sharing their items through a few layers of security.

First of all, all users of the app are non-anonymous. This means that they are legally bound by the contract form when an loan order is confirmed. Additionally, they can mandate a refundable deposit which can be collected from a Lendee. Perhaps the most important of it all, a robust review and ratings system that can help users verify the trustworthiness of the other party.

Lendor is supported by NUS Enterprise and will be show casing at the Rise Conference 2017 — a prestigious regional tech conference in Hong Kong from 11–13 July 2017.

The Team behind

The core team members of Lendor traces its origins from Wizer Studios a local mobile and web design & development studio that has worked with big name clientele such as Breadtalk, Royal Singapore Airforce and Gardens by the Bay.


Founder — Chuan Wei Zhang (Tech)

Wei Zhang graduated from NUS School of Computing in 2011. He founded Wizer Studios in 2012 after working as a freelance web developer for a while and was not able to cope with the growing of projects. As his projects grew, so did his customer base and this team. Wei Zhang has always wanted to build his own product and decided this year to dedicate part of his resource in Wizer Studios to Lendor. As a keen supporter of zero waste living, he fervently encourage recycling in office and personally delivers bags of recyclables from office to the recycling bin near his home.

Co-Founder — Pauline Lim (Creative)

Pauline is currently a Fashion Adjunct Lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts. Prior to this she was a well established local fashion designer with her eponymous label PAULINE.NING and enjoyed a successful career gracing fashion shows ranging from Seoul Fashion Week to Audi Fashion Festival and also Digital Fashion Week. After 5 years in the business, Pauline was exasperated by the environmental cost of the fashion business as she witness first hand the amount of waste produced in the factories for a piece of garment.

The husband and wife team complements each other with their starkly contrasting background but created the perfect combination in executing such an ambitious project.

A peek into Why and How Lendor came about?

Launch Details

App Description

The Lendor App is a mobile application with the vision of a world that fully embraces the sharing economy. This platform is created for item owners who are willing to open up their library of things to those who need it at a small fraction of the cost, while giving consumers a choice before making a purchase.

While also complimenting traditional rental businesses, The Lendor App provides rental, order & communication management all packed in the comfort of your mobile device. You can now search for a library of products over 24 categories for short term use while also listing your stuff on the platform to earn some cash!

For Lendors (Item owners)
✓ Snap, List and rent out any items you own and start making money instantly!
✓ Lend out items for free out of good will sharing your stuff with your community
✓ Set your own optional refundable deposit amounts, weekly and monthly discounts to encourage longer rentals and therefore getting more value for your item
✓ Choose who to rent / lend your item to depending on his/her accumulated ratings
✓ No listing fees, commissions, or extra charges for the first 6 months. Totally free to lend and rent your stuff!
✓ Track the status of your item through our one-touch order tracking with time stamp
✓ Get acknowledged for your good service through ratings and review and hence raising your credibility
✓ Personalize your Profile page and share your products & services with your friends and community to discourage unnecessary purchase through a sharing economy

For Lendees
✓ Easy browsing through an extensive catalog of items for rent and loan, closest to you tracked via GPS to reduce the time taken in item exchanges
✓ From Luxury items, to Tools and Equipment, Video games, the app offers a wide variety of items in your region which you can conveniently loan and rent from.
✓ Save money by renting stuff instead of buying instead of hoarding and cluttering your home with low usage items
✓ Private Chat feature within the app allows you to contact item owners to enquire for about the product or ask for more images before you make an offer
✓ Sort items by Nearest, Recent, Popularity and by price
✓ Track and timestamp all item status and its condition to protect yourself from future disputes
✓ Build your reputation through our Robust rating system each time you complete a transaction while vetting through reliable and trustworthy item owners

Still not convinced with the security measures taken? Read how Lendor protects its users here.

How will users like yourself who’s completely new to renting know how to price the items? Here’s how.

Media Kit Goodies — photos, videos

You may download the full Media Kit here.


  1. Videos — 2 Promo videos targeted at different group of users
  2. Tutorials — Tutorial screens on how to use the app
  3. Screenshots — Various Screenshots of the app
  4. Logo & Icons — Lendor’s official logo and app icon
  5. Other Promotional — All other relevant banner and images

Official Hashtags

#thelendorapp #libraryofthings #declutter #kampungspirit #rentalmarketplace

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This startup aims to change the way people use and consume things and free up their living space through an app for Library of Things.

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This startup aims to change the way people use and consume things and free up their living space through an app for Library of Things. Lendor lets you share and rent stuff out to your neighbours while giving you an alternative to buying with a library of 2700+ items and still growing.

For all other updates on Lendor, follow @Lendorapp on Instagram and “like” facebook.com/lendorapp on Facebook.


The marketplace app for library of things


Wei Zhang Chuan

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I’m a tech guy, soccer fanatic & games enthusiast. Founder of The Lendor App www.lendor.co.



The marketplace app for library of things

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