With businesses and freelancers
Lenjon will operate a low fee or no commission model for getting any project delivered in comparison to the current freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and others with enormous charges ranging from 10% to 25%. In most cases, these high fees leave no choice for both the freelancer and business representative than to conduct transactions outside the freelancing platform while putting their comfort and security at risk. With Lenjon, nobody pays exorbitant fees to any middleman. We offer a low or commission-less world-class service that stimulates the freelance community to work together on the platform.

Lenjon Top talent recognition program
Our talent recognition program allows the freelancers to be acknowledged as top talent and work at premium rates. On the other hand business owners will be able to access that pool of proven and tested experts and hire the best for their project. On top of that by helping us assess the freelancers, additional earnings can be generated.

Guaranteed quality and Unbiased dispute management
We firmly believe that disputes should be resolved by an unbiased and independent resolution team only. Following this belief, we came up with our dispute settlement process that guarantees business owners will get the best quality and freelancers will be protected from unfair employers. Furthermore, it enables our token holders to earn extra income from participating in election and evaluation of the experts that are eligible to resolve disputes.

Uncensored and decentralized reputation
At Lenjon, there is no central authority in charge of job reviews, ratings, achievements, earnings, and others. Everything happens on blockchain which makes it decentralized, uncensored and immutable. This will allow only the best freelancers to excel and thrive on the Lenjon platform. With this, project owners or business representatives can regain confidence in the trusted source of data to base their decisions.

Team Building — work as a team and get hired as a team
 It is a well-established fact that professional organizations are far more productive than a small group of individuals and we intend to promote this idea on our platform. With the Lenjon freelancing platform, freelancers will be able to form alliances, teams and apply for projects as a team unlike the traditional freelancing platforms out there.

Easy profile setup and customizations
Building a freelance reputation takes time, and so at Lenjon, we will ensure that a freelancer’s previous reputation on other freelance platforms are not put to waste when they decide to join the Lenjon platform. We are setting up an easy profile setup and customization which will enable freelancers to easily migrate their portfolio, from previous platforms into the Lenjon platform. We believe with this innovation, already established freelancers would not have to start from building their reputation from scratch.